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Daddy Issues: Wasiu talks about making psychological rap that’s disguised as strippe…

Montreal, QC – At the beginning of the month, Montreal artist Wasiu released a new single titled “Daddy Issues.”
The track was produced … Read More »

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CRTC kills funding for MuchFACT & BravoFACT; Sign the petition

Ottawa, ON – It goes without saying, MuchFACT has been a vital tool in the development of the Canadian hip-hop scene. Without … Read More »

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VNCHY discusses Money Baby: “Although money can give you anything, it is far from ev…

Toronto, ON – At the end of last month, Toronto artist VNCHY teamed up with S.L.M.N. and GoldenBoy for a brand … Read More »

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Power Play: Canadian rappers score big with hockey anthems

Ottawa, ON – It’s taken a decade, but the Ottawa Senators have made it back to the Eastern Conference Finals of the … Read More »

Atlantic Canada

Quake Matthews just dropped a teaser trailer for his upcoming Celebrate The Struggle album

Quake Matthews just dropped a teaser trailer for his upcoming Celebrate The Struggle album


26 May

The King & I: Faith Evans unveils her duets album with The Notorious B.I.G. (Sponsored)

Los Angeles, CAFaith Evans and The Notorious B.I.G. famously met at a photo shoot in 1994 and were married nine days later. What followed would become one of the most legendary love stories in hip-hop history.

Evans has now, 20 years after B.I.G.’s still unsolved murder, created THE KING & I, a new album that tells the story of their life together. The album’s 25 tracks feature newly recorded vocals by Evans melded with vocals by Biggie Smalls, some well-known but also a selection of rare and unheard rhymes from the B.I.G. vault.

Faith Evans unveils her long-awaited duets album with The Notorious B.I.G., The King & I (Sponsored) -

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26 May

Keffaleng discusses his “Not So Famous” video & how we forget that famous people are human, too

Toronto, ON – Earlier this week, Toronto artist Keffaleng released a brand new video for the title track “Not So Famous” off his March 2017 released Not So Famous EP (which we interviewed him about over here).

Directed by RXSH and produced by Mon Like Deez, “Not So Famous” is a look into the realities of human interaction, Keffaleng’s distrust of people, and how fame factors into everything.

The story line follows Keffa as he meets a pretty girl at the convenience store and tries to reach her. She plays along, but then Keffa discovers she’s actually just playing him. He gets out of the situation in time, but he was lucky. Because that’s not always how it goes down. Check out the video for “Not So Famous” after the jump, and scope our interview with Keffaleng.

Song of the Day: Keffaleng previews Not So Famous project with Off The Wall single -

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26 May

HipHopCanada on Spotify: Check out Sarah Jay’s Weekly Picks Vol. 34

Calgary, AB – HipHopCanada joined Spotify back in 2016 and we’ve been releasing a new playlist with two hours of music every single week.

Each Friday we’ll hit you with a Canadian urban music playlist curated by our Associate Editor In Chief, Sarah Jay. Every week Sarah will be putting together a 38-track weekly selection of new releases, classic favourites, throwbacks, and songs she’s playing heavy on rotation.

This week’s playlist features a ton of brand new music starting with the debut single of “On Road” (featuring 24Hrs) by emerging Toronto duo Kmpny. Volume 34 also features new music from Planet Giza, GOVI, Kaytranada, anders, Nue, Saudin, Noita, Notion, BadBadNotGood, Syph and Devon Tracy, 12AM, Chris Yonge, Friyie, Napalm Dreams, Justin From Toronto, alcordo, Surauchie, Safakash, and more.

Check out the playlist and tracklist for Sarah Jay’s Weekly Picks Vol. 34 below, and make sure you go follow us on Spotify.

HipHopCanada is now on Spotify: Listen to our debut weekly playlist curated by Sarah Jay -

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25 May

Young Q puts on for New Vancouver in the visuals for “OMO”

Vancouver, BC – Coming out of Vancouver, Young Q delivers the visuals for his single “OMO.” With production from Fxrbes Beatz, this track is one that puts on New Vancouver, and the sounds currently dominating West Coast culture. With a heavy trap influence, and strong hooks, Young Q establishes his voice as a strong new rap identity for Vancouver.

Limited Vision, one of the city’s leading visual creative brands, directed the video. Young Q steps out in front of a variety of scenic Vancouver landscapes and backdrops, including Granville street – the heart of the city’s nightlife district. With a cinematic approach, “OMO” is a nice introduction to what’s to come in the near future from the rapper. He’s currently working on a project that’s due out later this year, so keep an eye out for more from Young Q on this side of Canada.

Check out the video after the jump.

Young Q puts on for New Vancouver in his visuals for OMO -

25 May

Daddy Issues: Wasiu talks about making psychological rap that’s disguised as stripper rap

Montreal, QC – At the beginning of the month, Montreal artist Wasiu released a new single titled “Daddy Issues.”

The track was produced by Wasiu’s three go-to producers – Dear Lola, Thomas White, and WYLN – and tells the story of a first night out at a titty bar.

Wasiu has honed in on this ability to make a brand of rap that appears light-hearted and hype-y on the surface, but actually digs really deep into the human psyche. This particular record plays out as an anecdotal account of an emotionally-conflicted night at the strippers.

As the song progresses, Wasiu dives into a commentary on moral conflict. More specifically, the idea that life isn’t all black-and-white. Going to the strippers is neither A) a completely immoral, terrible, trash thing to do, nor is it B) a completely wonderful, pleasure-filled indulgence. It falls on the spectrum somewhere between the two… as does every situation in life. Check “Daddy Issues” below, and read our in-depth interview with Wasiu after the jump.

Daddy Issues: Wasiu talks about making psychological rap that's disguised as stripper rap -

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25 May

Song of the Day: Gangis Khan aka Camofluage drops new video for T-Nyce-produced “Til I Die”

Toronto, ON – New heat coming out of Scarborough from the DeepWaters camp. Gangis Khan (aka Camoflauge) teams up with The Wild Machine for his new video coming in support of his Bad Karma album. “Til I Die,” produced by T-Nyce, is HipHopCanada’s Song of the Day.

Song of the Day: Gangis Khan aka Camofluage drops new video for the T-Nyce-produced Til I Die -

Come from the struggle, forever on my grind/ If you want me I’ll be hustling, I’ll be hustling through the night.” – Gangis Khan

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24 May

Tee Krispil showcases stunning vocals and elaborate bars on “Lessons” featuring Devmo

Vancouver, ON – Watching the growth of Vancouver-based emcee Tee Krispil this past year and a half has been inspiring to all of us in the Vancouver community. Her drive and creative endeavours, both solo and with her rap crew The People North West, have positioned her as one of the West Coast’s strongest lyrical emcees.

Her experience and expertise playing live shows extends well beyond many of her male counterparts – having toured the lower mainland this past spring with TPNW. On her newest delivery, she gifts a single of her own that will bring you back for multiple listens. “Lessons” is the third release from her full-length compilation, One Way Ticket.

With stunning production from Vancouver producer Moxsa, and a feature from vocalist Devmo, the base is set for Tee to confidently croon the bars of the perspective-based track. The single touches on the importance of overcoming individual struggles to overcome the confines of society and its’ social constructs. Devmo and Tee’s contrasting vocal styles compliment each other and create a balance of flows, while Moxsa and Stefan Repauch (on guitar) pack in vibey, summer-esque production and live instrumentation.

Check out the newest release below.

Tee Krispil showcases stunning vocals and elaborate bars on Lessons featuring Devmo -

24 May

“Vanilla Blue” from Alex Bent + the Emptiness will hit you with a heavy dose of nostalgia

Saskatoon, SK – Coming in from Central Canada, Saskatoon’s Alex Bent is readying his new LP and dropped his first release of 2017. “Vanilla Blue” is the perfect pop/alternative track that we’ve been waiting for. With the ability to cross over into multiple genres with his versatile voice, the single and accompanying video steps away from his self-described dark piano pop towards an introspective blend of rock, hip-hop, and pop music that showcases his vulnerability. But regardless of what kind of music fan you are, we’re fairly sure this one will resonate with you. The production is atmospheric, and Alex’s vocals are haunting – making this a beautifully nostalgic experience.

On the striking title, Alex elaborates, “I decided on the title “Vanilla Blue” several months before I started writing the song. It originally came to me as a description of my appearance, but after running the name by several friends I realized that those two words could be interpreted in many different ways. One friend interpreted the title to mean “a sweet kind of sadness” and it stuck with me. I started working on the song shortly thereafter and wrote it with that meaning in mind.

Check out the impactful video for “Vanilla Blue” below.

Vanilla Blue from Alex Bent + the Emptiness will hit you with a heavy dose of nostalgia -

24 May

Get to know WayCool producer DviousMindZ on his new instrumental album, Flower City Spring

Brampton, ON – With WayCool having a strong year, their producers equally deserve some of the spotlight for their creative efforts. DviousMindZ is one of the masterminds behind many of the sounds you hear from the collective. He’s joined by fellow members Martin Sole & Chris Rose on his newly released instrumental album, Flower City Spring. The album is a dedication to living in “Flower City”, and is an attempt to capture the essence of his hometown – Brampton.

There’s a wide variety of vibes on the project, that offer a comfortable backdrop that could induce a visual experience. Just as envoking, and colourful as the title entails, tracks like “Summer Breeze” will be the perfect addition to your summer playlists. Get to know the inspired mind behind WayCool, and one of Brampton’s finest on the stream of the project below.

Get to know WayCool producer DviousMindZ on his new instrumental album, Flower City Spring -

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24 May

Gov premieres “The Roses” a short film inspired by Toronto and his upcoming EP

Toronto, ON – Inspired by his upcoming project The Roses, Toronto artist Gov recently released a paralleled short film and visual experience via Vevo. Through correspondence, Gov was able to elaborate on the creative sources behind the film.

Manifested after discussions with his brother Anil (and his right-hand in creative ventures) the two were driven to produce content that would help push the sound of the EP forward, inspire their city, and integrate a cinematic aspect. Choosing to instead opt out of the typical music video format, “The Roses” was manifested over 6 am talks, with the outcome being a full-length screenplay set in.

Gov explains, “The piece itself is very conceptual and symbolic, and instead of saying what it means to me, I want it to be ambiguous and received differently by everyone.” With the EP due out next week, the film is a touching tribute and teaser for what’s to come. Catch “The Roses” after the drop below on Vevo.

Gov premieres The Roses a short film inspired by Toronto and his upcoming EP -

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