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MGK laces up for Iron Mic in Edmonton [Review] #IronMic

Edmonton, AB – On Apr. 19, Pearl Entertainment delivered the first Iron Mic Music Festival at the Edmonton Expo Centre. Western Canada’s biggest indoor … Read More »

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Ghostface Killah & Sheek Louch bring the Wu Block to Edmonton [Photos] #IronMic

Edmonton, AB – On Apr. 19, Pearl Entertainment brought the first ever Iron Mic Music Festival to the Edmonton Expo Centre. The festival … Read More »

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T.R.A. talks new album Crazy 8′s, SARS Network updates, touring & more [Intervi…

Toronto, ON – Originally published April 10, 2014 – I met Toronto rapper T.R.A., aka Tha Rhyme Animal, in person for the … Read More »

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Anno Domini talks production success & advice for aspiring CDN producers [Interview]

London, UK – In the early 2000′s, when the relationship between hip-hop and the internet really began to flourish, many aspiring MCs … Read More »

Atlantic Canada

I went to a Hedley show to watch Classified and Mike Boyd open [Review]

I went to a Hedley show to watch Classified and Mike Boyd open [Review]


24 Apr

Young Tox – Music For My Droogs [Review]

Edmonton, AB – Back in December HHC gave you the nod when Triple Crown’s Young Tox dropped his mixtape, Music For My Droogs. We know it’s been a long minute for this review to come out; but as they say, “All good things come to those who wait” (and the wait was worth it).

As a hip-hop head it’s a necessity to have a collection of albums or mixtapes for when you just wanna sit back and chill; well you can add Music For My Droogs to that collection. The general tone of this project is filled with smooth head-nodding beats, complimented by Young Tox’s precise lyrical flow.


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23 Apr

Rock The Mic: Rich Kidd performs “Syke” with Pete Rock [Video]

New York City, NY – Earlier this month, we brought you the first installation of CBC Music’s Rock The Mic series. Now we are pleased to announce that the good people over at CBC have released the second installation of RTM. The four-part series follows Canadian rapper-producer Rich Kidd and MC Raz Fresco as they go to NYC to kick it under the wing of legendary hip-hop heavyweight, producer Pete Rock.

So for this session Rich Kidd hits us with a performance of “Syke.” But there’s a twist – a monstrously awesome twist: Pete Rock is at the control boards during the performance, and there’s a live band backing up the Kidd. So it’s basically a total rap-cat dream-come-true. Check it out.

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23 Apr

Ghostface Killah teams up with Sheek Louch in Vancouver [Review]

Vancouver, BC - The Venue nightclub was treated to the stellar catalogue of Ghostface Killah classics at Venue Live this week but before The Iron Man himself hit the stage, some local emcee’s had a chance to heat things up. The ever enthusiastic North West Division boys delivered a solid set, playing some new jams from their latest album Rap Better Party Harder. Emotionz was also in the mix and his set was topped off with an impressive beat box.

Ghostface Killah teams up with Sheek Louch in Vancouver [Review]

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23 Apr

Wu-Tang Clan to hit Winnipeg and Vancouver June 27 & 28 [News]

Vancouver, BC/Winnipeg, MB - Remember how you’ve been bumping 36 Chambers since 7th grade and all you’ve ever wanted was to see every Wu-Tang Clan member on-stage together, just once in your life? Well here’s your chance Winnipeg, Vancouver. (Almost) every single member of Wu-Tang will making their way to Burton Cummings Theatre in Winnipeg on June 27 and The Orpheum in Vancouver on June 28. This will be the very first time the whole posse will be in cut this side of Western Canada.

Presented by Timbre Concerts, Exclaim! and HipHopCanada, the upcoming dates will see the Clan drop tracks from their forthcoming release A Better Tomorrow and of course those classic Wu favs from the past two decades. Check pre-sale ticket details after the jump.

Wu-Tang to hit Winnipeg and Vancouver July 27 & 28 [News] -

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23 Apr

NYOIL & Haas G reunite as the U.M.C.’s on April 28 [News]

New York, NY – As some of you might of heard, today marks the nine year anniversary of the first video being uploaded to YouTube. It was a video called “Me at the zoo” by YouTube co-founder, Jawed Karim, on April 23, 2005.

Just over a year later, New York’s NYOIL would become one of the first rappers to have a self-uploaded video yanked from the YouTube network, due to the sensitive nature of the video.

NYOIL uploaded “Y’All Should All Get Lynched” to MySpace and YouTube and the song quickly became a hot topic around the industry. The song calls for the lynching of commercial rappers and the video featured a slideshow of lynching images and the likes of 50 Cent (and other rappers). Many hip-hop heads, especially the fans outside of NYC, were under the impression that NYOIL was a newcomer to the scene, using a controversial single to kick start his career.

However, NYOIL was no newcomer and was actually a NYC veteran who was better known in the 90′s as Kool Kim of the U.M.C.’s (with partner-in-rhyme, Haas G).

NYOIL & Haas G reunite as the U.M.C.'s on April 28 [News] -

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23 Apr

Mickey Ulster – Outta Here ft. Truth Willis (Prod. Johnny Juliano) [Audio]

Toronto, ON – Toronto rap-cat Mickey Ulster has embraced his weed rapper status by launching this new 4/20 joint entitled “Outta Here” (featuring T-Dot MC on the come-up, Truth Willis). Ulster purchased this beat from Johnny Juliano a few weeks ago. Then he spit his piff. Then Truth Willis came in on it all with his signature aggressive chronic-laced flow. And it all came together.

This isn’t a Mary Jane love song. It’s not one of those introspective smoke-induced dialogue tracks, either. What it is, is an unapologetic anthem for all of the stoners who stay piffin’; all day and every day: “I be smoking’ ’til I’m high/ You can tell by the look up in my eyes.” Check it out below.


Mickey Ulster - Outta Here ft. Truth Willis (Prod. Johnny Juliano) [Audio] -

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23 Apr

J. Dohe – Colour Television [EP]

Vancouver, BCOriginally published April 21, 2014 – Since the release last years Lounge Chair Ep J. Dohe has been grinding hard on Colour Television. Taking a different approach to his latest, J. Dohe has linked with producer VanCityBeats to bring a new sound and vibe. Check it out below.


J. Dohe - Colour Television [EP} -

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23 Apr

JesseRay – Waterfall [Audio] #SOTD

Toronto, ON – Our Song of the Day is a tune featured on the recently released 1990 project by former The Weeknd-affiliate, JesseRay. This is the last song on the album, “Waterfall.”

On top of having one of the more popular releases on HipHopCanada this year, our featured story on JesseRay (by Sarah Sussman) has gotten amazing feeedback! You don’t want to miss that one so click here to check it out and you can listen to “Waterfall” below.


JesseRay - Waterfall [Audio] #SOTD -

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23 Apr

Eazy Terrestrial – Molly Kush Hennessy [Album]

Vancouver, BCOriginally published April 22, 2014 – Cali born, Vancity resident Eazy Terrestrial recently dropped his latest project Molly Kush Hennessy. The name basically says it all, so check it for yourself below.


Eazy Terrestrial - Molly Kush Hennessy [Album] -

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22 Apr

Snak The Ripper and crew at Olympia [Review]

Surrey, BC - Originally published April 22, 2014 – In today’s music industry, and especially hip-hop, it’s hard to tell who’s faking and who is the real deal. So many rappers build their whole persona on their struggle and story because starting from the bottom is the cool thing to do. Every once and while there is that artist who comes around that really kicks you in the face with rugged authenticity – that guy is Snak the Ripper.

Snak The Ripper and crew at Olympia [Review]-

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