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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Pop or Hop? [Blog]

I love hip-hop I hate hip-pop

Hip-hop is a new class of music which has grown and developed over the years, it is the evolution of various elements that form one culture. Rap is an element of hip-hop although people will tell you the 2 can be different in musical form, depending on the style of the raps or production.

Although hip-hop has stemmed from rap music, it displays a more relaxed and laid back, lyrically conscious style of music. In recent years hip-hop has demonstrated infinite potential and originality, and unlike the generically formulated pop industry, the majority of hip-hop artists have insisted on being the black sheeps of the musical world.

Sadly the uninformed musical population remains unaware that hip-hop is an astonishingly complex breed of lyrical expression. With similies, metaphors, assimilations, rhymes and several other lyrical devices, hip-hop has created a more lyrically challenging branch of music. Not to mention countless knowledgeable reflections on the human entity, and analysis based on the customs of today’s modern western society.

When formulated as one, these various elements combine to form a socially conscious, and intellectually advanced musical prototype. However, cease to be fooled by this utopian description of hip-hop, because despite its abstract beauty, its poetically appealing jangle, and many musically gifted artists, hip-hop has unfortunately been contaminated with a relentless basket of bad apples. Several rap and R&B artists have stepped to the scene to place their bids, but their lack of commitment and feeble lyrical talents have left them as nothing more than puppets of the musically dictating Pop industry.

As opposed to hip-hop artists who are passionately producing music out of love, for the amusement of creation, and the thrill of spiritual expression, the Pop industry has taken a more business like approach. Record labels are now signing artists with aspirations to mold them into what the public demands, and with the narrow minded goal of making money. These labels are unfortunately destroying music by adding less to the music to make more of the profits.

They have slowly mesmerized the public with empty rhetoric, until their helpless minds have been trained to love and accept a very low quality of generic music. Fortunately, hip-hop and various other types of music have stunned and prevented the Pop industry to follow through in its repulsive aspirations to monopolize the musical world. hip-hop is a creative art form which puts no restrictions on the originality of its disciples. It is now important for the world to understand the magnitude of hip-hop, and the importance and influence it will have on future generations.

Musically, hip-hop is the wave of the future.

Written by Julien Lalonde for HipHopCanada

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