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Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

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T-Dot Part 3: Fin-S [Article]

Toronto, ON – I’ll start off this feature with this… Fin-S has ‘IT’. You know the ‘it’ quality that everyone talks about, he’s got that. Not many dudes in this business are as serious as this cat right here. You’ve probably heard his new track ‘I Love You’ on radio or seen the video blazin’ Much and MuchVibe, but you’re probably unaware of how long you’ve known this guy.

T-Dot Part 3 - Fin-S by Chris Shaban on HipHopCanada

Music started quite simply for Fin-S learning music from his father, a musician who played rhythm guitar for the likes of Bob Marley and the Temptations, and progressed to breaking down his pops record collection at an early age. That in turn became his motivation to take his first step in the music biz, DJing. He was a part of the scene and that was all good, but as soon as he touched the MPC, he began his morph into what he is today.

His first big break came in 1999 when Toronto’s Citizen Kane stepped to Fin-S and asked that he produce their up-coming project (which came to be Deliverance). The album did well independently, but really earned its stripes when it was nominated for a JUNO as Best Rap Album. Handling the boards on such a large project was something that really taught him about the industry. “I learned a lot from the Citizen Kane album”, he says, “In all, I saw the good, the bad, and the very bad, but I knew that this was just a small step from where I wanted to be”.

After Deliverance, Fin-S just picked up the ball and ran with it. His love for making beats was now going to have a smooth, new voice to bring out their splendor… his. Why pick up the mic and take a shot on a yet unproven skill? “There are too many artists who just put words together that rhyme, but most of them don’t have a point to make. Whatever I say, there is a message”. Taking some time out to make sure all his ducks were in a row, Fin-S hit us up last year with “Dedicated”, featuring the oft-slept on Darryl Riley crooning the hook. The track, which got burn up in the T-Dot, cracking Flow 93.5 Top 50 for 2001, also had a video was well received around the country. That track helped him get his name to the masses, but it would prove to have opened an even bigger door that he couldn’t yet see.

While getting prepared for release of his most recent single, the beautifully written I Love You, Fin-S went into ‘Nuff Entertainment looking for his distribution; he ended finding his new home. ‘Nuff, known for breaking basically every good reggae song in this country, when reggae meant Bob Marley to Canadians, was spreading its urban wings, and Fin-S was their man. He has been putting some serious work over the last few months putting a two-disc compilation for ‘Nuff that will showcase the hottest emcee’s in Canada. “It’s going to change the urban scene in this country”, says Fin-S,’Nuff’s urban A&R.

With so many things on the go for this young entrepreneur, it was only a matter of time before he put his skills into his own money machine; that is why he has started Naijah Entertainment. The company, named after his daughter, is “reflective of my new commitment to building up a strong family of local talent who have worked with me throughout my career.” Naijah has numerous talent with temperatures above 98.6, but when the company drops its first Naijah compilation album on ‘Nuff listen up to Lyric and Isem. Both these dudes jump right out at you and you can’t help but dig the steez. Naijah’s resident beat makers consist of Y-Not, Giggz, MEYO, and Fin-S himself, among others. Fin-S notes, “Being a music producer before an Emcee, I have the ear to know what sounds hot.” When talking to MEYO he says “I’m about setting new standards for Hip-Hop not only in Canada, but worldwide”.

Didn’t I tell you I had the hottest dudes in the T-Dot? Fin-S and Naijah Entertainment are at the forefront of ‘ready-to-blow’ status in the city. When closing up with this usually very humble dude he had one last thing to say, “It’s time to let everyone know who is Canada’s best kept secret!” I hope that I just let the cat outta the bag.

Written by Chris Shaban for HipHopCanada

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