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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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T-Dot Part 4: Hustlemann Entertainment [Article]

Toronto, ON – After just reaching the halfway point of my spotlight on Toronto’s hip-hop underground, I am left with some questions that are leaving me with an uneasy feeling. I love Canada and all that comes with it but why is it taking so long for this country to support its urban artists? I live here so I know some of the stuff is straight garbage bag (I’ll reserve calling out names to the artists) but if we don’t support our own, who the hell are we supporting? Do you have to be big in the States first for us to think it’s okay to feel a Canadian artist?

T-Dot Part 4 - Hustlemann Entertainment by Chris Shaban on HipHopCanada

If ‘real recognizes real’, why do we help Cristal-sipping, Bentley-driving, American artist go platinum in OUR country? Do we somehow relate to that lifestyle better? I’ve been in this game for a minute and I don’t know too many folks that are keeping up with the ‘realness’ standard set by our American counterparts, artist or otherwise. The truth is the truth… STOP HATING ON YOUR OWN. I’ve got an idea, now that you’ve turned over a new leaf, open your mind to the raw street raps coming out of the West-end housing complexes of Jungle, Neptune and Village, and brought to you straight-with-no-chase courtesy of Hu$tlemann Entertainment.

With a hustle so deep that it had to be included in the crew moniker, Hustlemann Entertainment is hard poised to lock the streets of Toronto in a minute. A collective of eight artists and producers, this group of Usual Suspects has all tools to make major moves in our country’s growing urban industry, and they’re about to put them to use in a way that would make Bob Villa proud.

First on the block is Mayhem Morearty, a rapper with the rare gift of relating his life experiences through his rhymes… properly. If his charisma doesn’t hook you, the self-proclaimed Mr. Streets will attack your intellect with his criminal genius. Writer jargon aside, this guy is ill. One listen to his verse from ‘Do What We Do’, soon to be released through ‘Nuff Entertainment’s dangerous hip-hop compilation album, and you’ll see what I’m saying. Mayhem reports his experiences in witty, heartfelt bursts of energy and conviction. His debut album is on the way and is tentatively titled The Autobiography. It will feature production from some of the most blazing beat-dons in the game including ToneMason, Fin-S and Hustlemann’s in house producers Soze and Ignay (more on them later… ), among others. If you haven’t heard his rhymes on various T.O. DJ’s mixtapes, peep his solo banger ‘You Know’ on the up-coming Ill Kidz compliation album. As my man Soze says… ‘it’s gonna be hot, hot, hot, shhhh..”

On the other side of the boards Hustlemann have two producers that are giving Toronto a sound like we haven’t had before, the aforementioned Soze and producer/emcee Ignay. Soze can cook up an underground heater, a club banger, and a tight introspective joint all in time for dinner. He also handles most of the biz for the group, so if you looking for beats, studio (‘The Playboy Mansion’), bookings, and you up and comers out there can even get your rhymes wrote, holla at ‘im (416) 721-4633 or Ignay on the other hand has that sample-free sound locked. It the vain of producers like Swizz Beatz and Mannie Fresh, Ignay uses the equipment and not John Coltrane to bring his music to life. The crew is blessed, but we haven’t even scratched the surface.

With a depth chart that would make Phil Jackson proud, Hustlemann is left with the task of deciding who’s next up. On the mic and behind the boards you got Rezynn the Unpleasant, Dawn Infamy, Episode, Diablo and the quick wit of Franz Thomas (check for F.T. on the 1st installment of the Hustlemann Dubplate series), all of whom bring something different to the Hustlemann crew. Keep your ear to the street to stay up on the moves these cats are making.

With that said, Part 4 of T.O.’s finest (including the introduction) is in the books. Hustlemann is going to make big noise in the city, so stay close to their movements; I just don’t want any haters left behind…

Shabs Sidebar: I am impressed that people are feeling my pieces of work, but if you would like to ‘borrow’ them for another article, give credit where credit is due. No names… this time.

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