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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Tre Nice [Article]

Regent Park, Toronto, ON – One of Toronto’s most talented rappers today who has yet to reach his musical potential and fulfill his life purposes; the Mega City’s young Prince, Tre Nice (Michael Hayes), has proven to be one of the city’s fastest rising stars in a highly oversaturated market of aspiring artists.

First a little history… Hailing from Regent Park, Ontario, this naturally talented Canadian hip-hop prodigy had not always anticipated his life as a rapper. Born and raised in one of the roughest districts of the North by his grandmother, Michael was first introduced to music while she would listen to her gospel records unbeknownst to the fact that this had become the root of his future professional endeavours.

Rapping was not always the priority for Tre Nice, at least not until his freshman year in high school. Tre or “Treasure”, a nickname given to him for his skills on the court, came out on top in several freestyle battles held at the school giving him the push he needed to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. To say the least, a little bit of inspiration on the schoolyard can go along way. It wasn’t long before Tre linked up with heads that held a similar passion for hip-hop and a desire to make their own music.

As a former member of Y.N.S. AKA Young Niggaz Survivin (the rap group he started with), Tre had the opportunity to get a basic feel for the music industry. It was this start that gave Tre his hunger for the game, turning an early past time into a future reality. The genuine lyrics and brisk impressions one would acquire from top notch musical acts such as Tupac, Biggie, LL, and Snoop, were among those that inspired the then 13-year old to further pursue his involvement within the hip-hop world. The dream was in place, it was now time to put in the work to make it a reality. At the end of the day, an extremly large part of that comes down to the natural talent and the music being crafted.

Tre speaks a great deal about poverty and violence because he feels they are the main reasons people living in the ghetto survive “by any means necessary”. These lifestyles and experiences have allowed him to grow physically and mentally thus having a natural effect on his music – joining other Canadian rappers in the quest for recognition. Now as an artist, Tre is proud to be able to say that his music is a reflection of what is real, not shying away from controversy and other disagreements, but speaking about them and allowing others to relate to them.

With superior skills on the mic, it was only a matter of time until Tre was picked up by a label or team that believed in him and shared his vision. Startin Lineup, who also manages many other talented musicians around the city, recognized Tre’s talent and brought him into not only a record label, but also a well-balanced team, a media outlet, a movement, and most importantly, a family. In a short period of time and dropping no more then street releases and internet promotions, Tre Nice has developed into the label’s flagship MC and is encouraged to continue his course in music assisting other artists in their writing.

The biggest goal he has set his sights on is releasing the album he has been putting a ton of work into as well as turning Startin Lineup into a household name. As a personal goal, he is looking to achieve the type of success that will allow him to support for his family at great lengths and ultimately take them out of the hood.

His lyrics are loaded with his story – undeniable truths and past occurrences that his fans have come to know him for. He truly brings them into his world with every song he makes with great charisma and a seasoned flow, which makes him one of the most exciting artists to keep an eye on this year.

Tre Nice has had many opportunities to perform at different venues across Ontario with hope that one day he may be able to break into the music scene as an international artist gaining respect, self assurance and further opportunity for growth. That’s been the trend for Tre since an early age – going through trials and tribulations and making the most of each experience for the sake of self-growth and advancement.

In terms of bettering himself, Tre has set high goals and is steadily planning ahead as any good young entrepreneur should:

“In 8 years I see myself trying to be an international artist because my country supports our artists after they have blown up else where. I also see myself as the owner of a successful clothing line “S.L.U Clothing” which you can see in all of our videos and in a store near you soon.” – Tre Nice

To say the least, the past few years have created a great deal of anticipation for Tre’s upcoming album release. We can expect collaborations with producers such as Beat Merchant, who is responsible for the majority of his work and whom he also puts at the top of his list of talented producers… it’s safe to say he’s happy with the production he’s been working with. Although much of his production is done by Merch, he has also been working with many other producers including Pikihead, Natural, Big Sproxx, Rich Kidd and Shadow. Tre Nice’s labelmates, including Yonge Street and the well recognized Trinity Chris, should also be expected to make an appearance on the album which currently has limited informaton available in the public domain. We’ll be keeping you posted each step of the way.

So who is Tre Nice? Well according to one fan in Toronto (who went solely by the name of Jayson):

“Tre Nice keeps it real and keeps it hip-hop. He’s been holding down the dot for as long as I can remember and speaks on the hood perspective you can’t expect to find on CityTV’s 6 o’clock news. That’s a real artist”.

So to speak, his music is similar to the daily news, revealing social issues that have a large impact on his community and how he himself deals with the struggles he faces on a daily basis.

His music gives the listener insight to the hardships and realities faced by today’s younger generations – tales and experiences that are weakly covered by mainstream media. Why youths do what they do to get what they can out of life? Why are these issues so continuously explored? These are some of the questions that are answered in Tre’s music, as well as Tre’s struggles growing up – trying to survive and stay free. Be sure to stay tuned to for more information about Tre Nice’s upcoming release.

He’s got the support of his community and he’s going to keep putting out sincere material. In his own words, individuality is something other Canadian artists need more of:

“Fat shouts to the whole Regent Park and any one else with the hunger to be successful. P.S, to the other rappers, be yourself, it just might work!”- Tre Nice

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Written by Mis.James for HipHopCanada


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