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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Littles The General’s goes “Naked” [Article]

Toronto, ON – Halifax artist Littles The General joined his crew Team Offense and a full house at the Rockwood Night Club in Toronto to celebrate the release of his new single “Naked”. The event was hosted by Kleen Media, Amer and The Bambi Dolls with Littles also playing the role of guest host. Kap N’ Kirk from the 4Korners Soundcrew held down the music for the night.

Littles The General – Naked Release Party in Toronto

The DJ Redworm of Vancouver remix to “Naked” is a different type of track than what Littles fans would be used too. It’s more of a techno-dance song that has a hip-hop twist to it. From the feedback we’ve gathered, there has been a positive responsive to Littles’ progression as an artist. He is making the change from gangster rapper to being more of an experimental artist incorporating dance-house music and even rock into his craft.

The response at the release party was especially reassuring and sets a nice tone for the official release of the single on iTunes June 1st. Littles is undergoing a lot of change and growth but this summer’s promotional blitz being taken on by Team Offense will be crucial for taking the momentum up a notch and getting him in the mix of the mainstream circuit. Only time well tell to what extent “Naked” is embraced. It’s definitely off to a good start. With this approach, Littles could possibly lose some of his gangster rap fan base who could resent that he’s producing new music of that specific genre that they’ve grown to like him for, but he’ll also likely gain a new and much larger audience that will bring even more career growth opportunities as an artist. We asked Littles where the change comes from and the answer can be found at the bottom of this article along with some other questions/answers.

Aside from working the new single, Littles is also involved with moving the new Team Offense initiatives forward and building the crew’s brand power.

There are several Offense release parties going down in the near future including June 15th at the Rockwood with Offense member Joey Stylez who has a new project coming soon. Team Offense is also continuing their Facebook Famous party series on June 25th with events to follow this summer in both Miami and Atlanta. Look out for a big party going down at the Orange Room in Toronto, hosted by Cubana Lust.

Team Offense is also working the Cali Snipes project and getting ready to release his second single leading into the release of an album. They’re also on the verge of releasing 2oolman and Scorsese’s Hit & Run Volume 2 mixtape. Aristo has been working towards getting his label and management company off the ground and Choice is also reported to have started working on a new album. Team Offense is also expanding on the West and working with members Don Castro, Heatwave, Joey Stylez and Rez Official. Littles is also reportedly in talks with CP Records regarding some type of deal but details were not available.

Photography by Brohawk

Littles The General – Naked Release Party in Toronto

Littles The General – Naked Release Party in Toronto

Littles The General – Naked Release Party in Toronto

Littles The General – Naked Release Party in Toronto

Littles The General – Naked Release Party in Toronto

Littles The General – Naked Release Party in Toronto

Littles The General – Naked Release Party in Toronto


HipHopCanada: How the new single “Naked” come to be? What made you stray from a more traditional hip-hop vibe to more of a techno-dance approach?

Littles: When the original was recorded I always had the idea of doing a techno house type of remix but I just didn’t have the producers who could pull it off. I sent the track to DJ Redworm out in Vancouver and he sent it back. Ever since we’ve been putting together some crazy ideas. The response from the ladies has been crazy so that’s been motivating me to keep making this type of music.

HipHopCanada: How did you link with Kleen Media for the “Naked” release party?

Littles: I linked up with Sergio through Aristo . . . they did the Cali Snipes “Money To Burn” party at Rockwood. I felt it would be the perfect spot for the “Naked” release party so I hit up Sergio and he made it happen.

HipHopCanada: Is there a larger project that the “Naked” single will be part of in terms of official albums or compilations?

Littles: “Naked” is part of my transition into a new genre of music. I love doing rap music and traditional hip-hop, but I have more fun challenging myself with this house music. It’s more creative, more up-tempo and easier to market. I don’t have plans for an album as of yet, but I’ll be releasing a lot of music this summer. I’m involved and featured on a lot of things being released this summer.

HipHopCanada: What else can we expect from Littles The General in the near future?

Littles: Right now, I’m recording, travelling and trying out some new business ventures. I’m shooting a video for “Naked” this summer and a song titled “Fireman” with my dude Noble out in Vancouver. I’ve been recording a lot of features with everyone from Joey Stylez and Noble to Lord Tariq. The Offense album is in constant making; we just keep banging out joints and expanding the movement. We Have an event coming up titled Envy hosted by internet sensation Cubana Lust July 10th at The Orange Room in Toronto, Our Facebook Famous party series is expanding into the USA so were working with promoters to bring it to Atlanta and Miami this summer. A lot is going on and in the process of starting, so just keep your ears to the streets to see what’s going on with myself or Team Offense.

“Good Riddance” to beef – Unity builds!

HipHopCanada had some eyes and ears at the release party who also filled us in on the brief encounter between Littles, Aristo and Drake who was with P. Reign. Some radio stations, websites and even Joe Budden have brought some fresh attention to the fairly old beef between Team Offense and The Wiseguys, particularly Drake’s involvement. The beef has been blown out of proportion by some media outlets – some even appearing to put the dispute between the 2 different sides as something new or recent. From what we’ve heard — and Drake has not confirmed or denied this chain of events — but it all started from Aristo and producer Boi-1da had a disagreement over some production related issues. Drake then took a shot at Aristo on the beat that the dispute had been regarding. Aristo recorded a response, Drake recorded the “Good Riddance” joint, Littles recorded some records and that was that. There was nothing more to the beef and nothing ever came of the situation away from the music. People shouldn’t attempt to fuel beefs that are no longer relevant to the actual people involved. Drake’s attendance at the event resulted in a brief conversation between him Littles as well Aristo — based on the picture we received it appears that the situation has been squashed.

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