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Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

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REL!G!ON – Lucid f.t. Moka Only & e.d.g.e. [Audio]

Vancouver, B.C.REL!G!ON (Religion) grew up in Ottawa listening to his father sing badly. His father would also play the organ but it wasn’t his dad’s playing that fascinated him, it was the organ itself. What followed was a decade’s worth of guitar lessons, recitals and basement band jams with his teen rock group “Ardvark” which consisted of a lead singer, guitarist, bassist and a drummer who practiced on pillows.

Audio: REL!G!ON - Lucid ft. Moka Only & E.d.g.e.

Ardvark was dead on arrival considering no one in the group knew how to play their instrument. The band folded and for REL!G!ON it was time to re evaluate his career options. He began skimming through his father’s old record collection and sampled records using an old Casio SK 1 keyboard with only two seconds of sample time. He would make beats and then write diss tracks about his high school classmates and play them for his friends at the school radio station over loud speakers. He grew tired of diss raps over cheap sounding beats and wanted to sound more like his early influences (Marley Marl, DJ Premier). It was time for the next step which involved a producing partner who thought he was a vampire, an idiotic insurance scam and a rasta who stole their equipment. Somehow in the end they were left with a professional ASR-10 sampling keyboard and for REL!G!ON it was like winning the lottery.

Currently REL!G!ON is based in Vancouver,BC and working closely with Staten Island MC Ny Oil (aka Kool Kim of the UMC’s) on his next album “God Of War” and made several beats for Ny Oil’s Hood Treason album on Babygrande Records. He also works with Moka Only, Pittsburgh MC Jasiri X and Vancouver MC E.d.g.e. His album “Revelationz I” is his first compilation and features Planet Asia, Donny Goines, Chuck D, Ny Oil, J. Pinder, Jasiri X,, Shyheim, Lah Tere, Christian Tessier, Jenson Vaughan, Theory, Rhymists, Knolij, Emotionz, Moka Only and Heatwave. His beats are a blend of live playing and creative sampling and as most MC’s that work with him will testify “GET REL!G!ON”.

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