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Fortunato launches the Four Flags Tour in Saint John, New Brunswick on Oct. 7

Fortunato launches the Four Flags Tour in Saint John, New Brunswick on Oct. 7

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Gangis Khan – On Your Own [Mixtape]

Toronto, ON – The latest mixtape from the DeepWaters general Gangis Khan aka Camoflauge. This is On Your Own. The mixtape was sponored by

Mixtape: Gangis Khan – On Your Own (Front Cover)


01. Training Camp (Prod. by Killa Kong)
02. I’ll Wet Chya (Prod. by Vokab)
03. Machine Gun f. Richie Sosa (Prod. by Vokab)
04. The Bad Guy (Prod. by Killa Kong)
05. I’d Like To Know You (Prod. by Jonny Bosco)
06. Money Ting (Prod. by Jonny Bosco)
07. Around Us (Prod. by Killa Kong)
08. On Your Own (Prod. by Vokab)
09. Lick 2 Shots f. Big Blax (Prod. by Rugged One)
10. Always, Everday f. Bishop Brigante (Prod. by Vokab)
11. On Your Mind f. Set2 (Prod. by Vokab)
12. Scattered Thoughts Part 2 (Prod. by Crippled Chemist)
13. My Little Girl (Prod. by JayLab)
14. So Lonely (Prod. by Crippled Chemist)
15. Grindin’ f. Stretch Diesel (Prod. by Jonny Bosco)
16. Pull It (Prod. by Killa Kong)
17. You Know My Name (Prod. by Rugged One)
18. Everythings Nice (Prod. by Killa Kong)

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