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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Bring Ya Eh Game Ep. 1: Harvey Stripes

Bring Ya Eh Game Radio Episode 1 with Harvey Stripes

Toronto, ON – What’s up. It’s Ya Favourite Lightskin and you’re checking out Bring Ya Eh Game Radio on HipHopCanada.

This is the first episode of many to come and it’s going to be crazy… This is a good way to launch!

I just moved down to Toronto from Ottawa in the new year and was quick to find out that Harvey Stripes had recently made the move as well.

Now the reason I say that in a surprised kind of way is he is also from the same place as me and used to be in a well known duo in the Cap City called Deuce-Deuce. Last time I did an interview with Deuce-Deuce they came by the radio show I was doing with DJ Alive on CHUO 89.1 FM called The B.R.L Show and everything seemed ok… not sure what happened.

Now we go back to the days when I thought they were just some lame crew (no hate). I think I even cut them up once in a recorded freestyle but it’s lost now though. I’m not even sure if they heard it but I did tell them about it… but they probably don’t remember.

Big up Nelson Down too! You know we’re going to have to let the people know what you’re up too as well.

Harvey Stripes has been in the game for a minute now and now he’s in the GTA doing big things. So it feels like a weird full circle or turning point to connect with him in another city. But with the Ottawa connection and a lengthy list of things to talk about, it made sense to bring in Harv as the first guest for Bring Ya Eh Game on HipHopCanada.

We talk about his new videos, what happened with Deuce-Deuce and what his plans for the future are as a solo artist. It’s an insane interview with visuals to go with it courtesy of TW Films so listen to it, watch it or do whatever you want and leave your feedback!

Now, who’s next? I heard something about the homie Spesh K (Big Specials House, Fax 4) …another artist who just moved to Toronto. what’s up with that? The GTA is calling for more rappers? we’ll see… or hear. Peace.

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