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I went to a Hedley show to watch Classified and Mike Boyd open [Review]

I went to a Hedley show to watch Classified and Mike Boyd open [Review]

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Groundbreakers – From the Ground Up [Review]


Groundbreakers - From The Ground Up - Review

Vancouver, B.C. – Straight from Vancity's underground, the Groundbreakers bring their good-time-party-vibe hip-hop to the surface. A combination of DJ, two MCs, beatboxer and live bass, these guys do what they do for one reason and one reason only, for the love of hip-hop; their release From The Ground Up makes that love and commitment to the culture apparent.

Emcees Babie Paul and Attikus kick smooth, effortless flows over classic hip-hop beats and samples with crisp and clear timing. The added components of GBoXX on the beatbox and Backbone's live basslines bring a nice touch of originality and flavor to the album as a whole.  The term 'Torchbearers' might be a more apt name for these cats: they're proudly keeping the spirit of the boom bap alive with their clean, listenable sound. The lead-off tracks “Like It Or Not” and “Second Nature” couldn't be clearer: the album jumps off with strong headnodders that pull you in right away, and your head stays nodding as the songs progress. The two lyricists cover much ground, ranging from dealing with emotions on “Don't Cry” to displaying their rhyme skills on “Showtime,” all the while reppin Vancity nonstop and maintaining a positive vibe.

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Groundbreakers are coming from the underground but have undeniable mass appeal. Whether rolling in a limo, Lexus or a broken-down Honda, heads across the board would find it impossible to not bob to this joint. These bangers could be bumped anywhere, whether in an underground dive or a glossy club . With From The Ground Up the Groundbreakers may have begun their bubble to the surface, so check for their sound coming up through the cracks in the pavement on a sidewalk near you.

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Written by Jesse Furnell for HipHopCanada

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Jesse Furnell

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Jesse "Lyric420" Furnell grew up in the Surrey skate scene of the early 90s. Exposed to more rock than rap - although he did own Public Enemy's Fear Of A Black Planet tape in elementary school - his attitude that 'good art is good art' has always given him a fresh outlook on music whether it be punk, prog rock, metal, indie or rap. The Bay Area scene and sound of the late 90s is what initially pulled Jesse into the boom bap: thanks to Quannum and Heiro, along with what was happening in the East coast underground rap scene, he found himself immersed, impressed and obsessed with hip-hop like never before. The philosophy major turned college dropout, once a familiar face at the Surrey courthouse, is now more entrenched in music than ever before. He started rapping in early 2000 and he's yet to stop, even when asked to. Fortunately or unfortunately, Jesse has much to say on the topic of hip-hop and has now been given the chance to have his opinion heard on a national scale. Our apologies.

  1. two times

    word to full agreeance…these cat’s rip shit…the album is front to back head nods…but live….come on, son…do yerselves a favour n check’m out…

  2. SJ Syductive

    GroundBreakers are so damn sick. Every preformance is stellar, they are as good lice as they are on their amazing CD.

  3. hailz

    Why arent they FAMOUS?????????!!!!!!!!!!! Someone should scoop them up!

  4. DJ Syductive

    Groundbreakers are so damn sick!!!! Even better live then on the CD. *If thats at all possible*! Every song is better then the next. wow. amazing.

  5. B16BR07H3R

    Congrats to these guys for a well crafted album. Well done.

  6. sdthenc

    I’m a rocker. I love this album. Second nature is the best thing i’ve heard in a while. I got to see these cats live.

  7. T Es

    I saw GroundBreakers live at the Vancouver Art Gallery yesterday, there were 20 groups playing, and I thought that they were the best set, followed by Speeches Beyond.