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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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Living Legends with Stoop Fam & The Random Humans (Live) [Review]

Living Legends in Vancouver - L.E.S.S. Is More Tour Review

Vancouver, B.C. – Members of Oakland’s Living Legends recently rolled through Vancouver's Biltmore Cabaret with their L.E.S.S. Is More tour. Eligh, Sunspot Jonz and Scarub were the crew's representatives this time around: LuckyIam was noticeably absent, being the “L” in the acronym title of this tour, which made it the E.S.S. Is More tour. But the 3 talented MCs that took the stage had no trouble holding it down on their own, and with local boys Stoop Family along with the tour opener Random Humans it was a full night of diverse hip-hop.

DJ extraordinaire K-Rec spun classic jams that kept heads bobbing long before any acts graced the stage, and Vancouver's own Stoop Fam stepped up to set the night off. Diverse in their own right, Stoop Family went from conscious underground bangers to stripped-down, raw dancehall-inspired joints that kept their set rolling along. Just when you were trying to put your fingers on the pulse of their sound they kicked rhymes over one of De La's sickest beats from the Grind Date. This Fam kept it moving along, a great note to start the night with.

Tourmates Random Humans – hailing from Alberta – were comprised of only one random human and a DJ, and to his credit Deception did something I haven't seen in some time, he held his set down completely on his own. No recorded back-ups or playback over his beats, just a clear strong delivery. Other than a little help from his more than capable DJ this MC relied entirely on his own mic skills and his set shone because of it.

Living Legends in Vancouver - L.E.S.S. Is More Tour Review

When it came time, E.S.S. – Eligh, Sunspot Jonz and Scarub – hit the stage. As only a fraction of the whole group these 3 MCs quickly took over the room. Scarub, one of the criminally lesser known names in the crew, needed about a minute to get to get the crowd jumping in unison and soon all that could be seen was a floor full of crooked new eras and a whole lot of hands in the air. And with Sunspot's energy and apparent need to constantly boogie here and there the vibe was poppin’ from the get-go.

And that little guy covered in tattoos? Well that's Eligh and when he kicked his signature double-time fluid rhymes he damn near held the audience in the palm of his hand. When he dropped any of his tracks from the classic masterpiece Greener Grasses that he recorded with fellow but absent Legend The Grouch there came a hush throughout the room as everyone stood in awe. The guy barely broke a sweat as he spat tongue twisters that few other rappers could decipher let alone deliver.

The whole set was amazingly cohesive and fluid, considering that none of these particular Legends actually have any songs that include all 3 of the present artists, or even 2 out of the 3. But it worked. When Sunspot was belting out one of his many solo joints the other 2 Legends just vibed out and dug the track playing or stepped up with backing vocals. Each Living Legend got their rightful time to shine on their own and when one member wasn't hogging the limelight they happily spread it around.

These 3 heads filled out their set impressively and frankly I don't think that the very capable and generally dope venue that is The Biltmore could have withstood the whole Legendary crew on it's stage all at once. Although I'd be happy to find out. So, if you're a fan of Living Legends and only get the chance to see one or more of their members do their thing live, don't hesitate- you won't be disappointed. I’ll Show…

Living Legends in Vancouver - L.E.S.S. Is More Tour Review

Written by Jesse Furnell for HipHopCanada

Photos by Suntana Nelson for HipHopCanada


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    dope article. if only the show was this dope only good thing about it was k-rec who killed it!

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