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Classified’s 2013 self-titled album is now certified Platinum in Canada

Classified’s 2013 self-titled album is now certified Platinum in Canada

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Matt Brevner – Magnum Opus [Review]

Matt Brevner's Magnum Opus

Vancouver, B.C.Matt Brevner raps boldly of coming with an original sound and of being the “freshest in the game.” Brevner’s new album Magnum Opus shows the rapper’s impressive skill as far as flow goes – he is a talented MC – but his latest project is not quite the original opus he promises.

“Top of the Globe” is a dope track that indicates the rapper has his ear to the street when it comes to modern, popular hip-hop: it carries that lighthearted sound that artists like Drake and Kid Cudi have based their careers off of. The song “Never Gonna be My Friend” shows that Brevner has dealt with some serious shit when it comes to the “finer sex”, a theme which female audiences always seem to find interesting,

Matt Brevner’s sense of humour is evident throughout the entire album, but “The Ecstacy Song” is an especially comical observation on the human tendency to make questionable decisions. “Sunday Morning” also helps show off Brevner’s character and wordplay when he vows to “never drink that much again… not till next weekend.”

Matt Brevner has a ways to go as far a being “the freshest in the game”: Magnum Opus lacks the type of addictive sound that keeps one coming back for more. On the plus side, it shows definite potential for the future, and nicely showcases his flow and talent for writing.

Written by Samantha Cairns for HipHopCanada

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  1. kyle dloc d

    i thought it had an addictive sound i listen to it all the time and i look forword to his next album

  2. Gabriel McCay

    wait a second…did you say it lacks the type of addictive sound that keeps one coming back? Ridiculous! I have listened to the album back to front 8 times since purchasing it on thursday! out of this world.

  3. the universal sickness

    i highly beg to differ. i bought this album last week and have been jamming it probably about five times a day since. its a great album.

  4. Jermaine

    I’m a DJ and someone passed me a copy of the album just the other day. I think the review is largely on point. Matt does show a lot of promise and should be considered someone to keep a close eye on in our city but the album is not a classic… there are flaws to it. Hopefully people can learn how to take constructive criticism instead of sending the crew in to defend it. There are no other content items on the site related to this artist so the way I see it the writer just gave motr exposure on here, and with a lot of positive elements, then you’ve ever had before.

  5. the universal sickness

    no one sent anyone in. people are just saying what they think is up. the album was dope.

  6. TheTruth

    I feel the same way but personally i couldn’t care for the album in my POV it wasnt original and his lyrics/flow weren’t up to par. I heard it through a friend gave it a listen and honestly i didnt like the whole style of the album, Before you peg me as a hater this is just my honest opinion which is shared amongst me and my circle when we had a listen. Better luck next time

  7. Opinionated

    Yeah you can have your opinion on the content of the album, thats up to you and you are probably atleast 28 haha. The thing is Matt would never send someone to “defend” him or any of that bullshit, these people are fans – like myself – of brevners music. I think the album was fresh, it was recorded, produced, and written all by him. He finished recording of this project 2 years ago and has been sold out for awhile, im sure now he is on to bigger and better things! Thanks hip hop canada for giving a deserved artist some exposure, positive or negative :)

  8. Aaron

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I think the review is on point. Besides all these legions of fans flocking to the support of Brevner are clearly overracting since there is a ton of positive comments in the review. But if you’re going to call something “Magnum Opus” you better make sure its a classic. Can’t deny this shows Brevners potential down the road but he’s by no means the top of the pack right now… if 1 review that’s mostly positive is going to get under your skin you’ll need therapy if someone gives you a largely negative review. Anyways big up Brevner for getting so much conversation going on here.

  9. Matt Brevner

    haha sweet. Im glad people cared enough to write in ( whatever your post said ). Im also flattered that hip hop canada gave me the review. Im not posting on here to defend anything except for the title of my album, which seems to have been taken largely out of context. The term “magnum opus” directly translates into “Ones greatest work”. At the time, that was indeed my greatest work, for I was fully faceted in all aspects of the albums creation. What gives anyone the right to say that what I in fact believed to be my best work wasnt? Nobody. Check your english. haha

  10. Mark

    I think the album was amazing, I’ve had it for quite a while now and I still find myself listening to it daily, I definately thought it was original and I think that everybody leaving dumbass comments (Aaron) should A. Find out what Magnum Opus means and B. Go try and make a better cd haha also Aaron you got shut down by Brevner

  11. nd loc

    I think Matt’s album is one of the best i’ve heard in months. I purchased his cd off itunes and the entire cd has made it into every playlist i’ve made, not to mention its been added into my summer playlist. There’s no doubt in my mind I’ll be listening to this cd for a long while.
    Big ups to Brevner for the awesome work, super fresh and original, keep up the hard work!

  12. Jacob

    This album is excellent. Nothing else to say.

  13. Matt Brevner

    Look out for me on a country wide tour shortly!

  14. Todd

    This dude Matt Brevner is blowin’ up. I’ve seen him on regular rotation on Much Vibe. Kid is nasty! All the middle class old farts sitting in front of their desktop screens take time out of their day to add fuel to the fire that is Matt Brevner. Underestimation is the key to Escalation.

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