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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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P. Reign addresses rumours & preps new releases [Article]

P. Reign Addresses Rumours & Preps New Releases

Toronto, ON – There is something intrinsic that separates a star from every other artist able to skilfully put words together. There’s an inherent quality that can’t be taught or learned, a certain charisma that creates interest and demands attention. And for all of the talented artists that have come out of Toronto and continue to come out of this newly spotlighted city, there have been very few stars.

In steps P. Reign, confident in his craft with brashness reflective of his Galloway upbringing. And despite his at times confrontational behaviour, he seems to have found the balance between making dynamic music suitable for radio play while maintaining a strong street presence.

“I’m the voice for a lot of people so I have to stay true in my music,” says P. Reign. “I don’t just talk, I create a visual. I want my music to show you everything I’m talking about.”

And there’s plenty to talk about concerning P. Reign. There are many rumours and keyboard stories surrounding this young talent, despite his admittedly short time in the music. But as we watch Reign begin to shine, his ascension has not been without some trials and tribulations.

One trial, particularly, that P. Reign surely can’t wait to be over; stemming from an incident 3 years ago when he was pulled over in a car containing several guns, an incident that still threatens to dull his rays.

“It’s the only reason I haven’t taken over the world yet,” he boasts, referring to the probationary rules that forbid him from travelling outside of the country, for a while longer at least; until the upcoming verdict in 6 months when P will know whether he will serve time or walk away free.

And more controversy has followed P. Reign; a more recent fallout with Toronto artist Page, which P. Reign claims came from nowhere.

“I’ve never had a problem with Page before all of this. I’m cool with Drake and so I guess he felt since he came at Drake, he better come at me, too. He tried to make me the antagonist.”

P. Reign is referring to the internet assault Page has launched against Drake, calling Drake a snitch and making various other threats. Then bringing P. Reign into the beef, claiming he was robbed for his Reps Up chain, a rumour P. Reign denies adamantly.

“I’ll send you a pic with my chain around my neck right now,” says P. Reign, who doesn’t plan on releasing any diss tracks against Page.

Page has a slightly different interpretation of the tension between the two Toronto artists, and though he agrees to not having a problem with P. Reign before the Drake situation, he believes P. Reign has an agenda by inserting himself into the situation.

“P. Reign is just trying to get a name for himself. I have a problem with Drake,” Page admits. “Trying to make me look like the big bad guy. I have no time for that dude.”

Despite the controversy, P. Reign’s stayed focused on his aspirations. He’s built up some steam in the last year with his first single, “Money In My Pocket,” and has continued that momentum with his follow up single garnering radio play right now, “In My Hood,” which he is releasing a video for in June. P. Reign is also releasing the RT directed video for, “Call My Name,” sometime in June with a hot new mixtape titled When it Reigns it Pours,” hosted by DJ Holiday.

So while the controversy continues to swirl around the Reps Up captain, P. Reign continues his quest to be remembered as a star. And though he recognizes there will always be new problems to diffuse-like returning equipment taken from Movado’s camp by Reps Up in a recent incident outside of an east end studio-he is focused on his future. Reign sees travelling to Europe and throughout North America, and eventually being able to sign to a major record label. “They’re hollering,” P. Reign admits. “Big labels! But no one wants an artist that can’t travel. Once I take care of my situation, I’m taking everything over.”

And so Toronto waits, eager to find out if it has bred a new star, anxious to discover just how far P. Reign can carry this weight as potentially the next artist to ascend to heights reserved for the rare. So far he has handled both the ups and downs smoothly, and as he continues to master his craft, P. Reign hopes his reign in the city is only beginning.

Check out more P. Reign at and follow him on Twitter @PReign.

Written by Kern Carter for HipHopCanada

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  1. JP

    Are you serious? There are WAY more talented rappers in
    Toronto than P reign. This is the problem with Toronto in a nut shell right here. Stop focusing on social status and start listening to the music.

  2. junglist

    You obviously know fuck all about what’s really poppin in the Toronto scene. You may not feel P Reigns shit but I know a ton of real niggas that do and they don’t give a fuck about social status…. its about the music. I’m feeling his shit a lot more than the majority of the shit you’ve posted on your own blog.

    Quite talking out your ass going on about “problems in a nutshell” blah blah blah when really you just looking for a clever way to hate on the man.

  3. lisa


  4. Sarah

    He’s not my favorite but can’t say he doesn’t have some good songs. Plus he’s got Drake in his corner so he’s probably going to be a lot more successful then he is right now.. whether you like it or not. JP post seems to have some personal hate connected to it.

  5. IRepJungle

    haha JP aka (page)

  6. Castor

    Big up Kern Carter for the sick article. P Reign and Page need to put the beef shit aside and bring unity foreward. Whats the beef going to accomplish?

  7. Blazah

    Shit at least hhc and this writer had the balls to go ask Page what he thinks about P Reign though… mad relevant

  8. JP

    Nothing personal against him. I just don’t like his music. I thought this was a comment section? Just the whole money in my pocket/ Im from the hood thing gets a little redundant. I guess some people really like it.

    I still stand by what I said and that was “There are WAY more talented rappers in Toronto than P reign.”

  9. GTSexy

    I’m loving P. Reign. Drake and P. Reign putting Canada on the map. It is what it is!! Men playing this Hate Game is so lame.

  10. Johnny Goodlife

    Blah blah blah is all I hear from some of the people on here. I understand that some people might like P’s music. Fine. Kudos to you. But realize that not everyone will like everything. But the people on here saying JP is hating are simply retarted. Please grow up. It’s ok not to like something or someone’s music. JP simply said there are other people in Toronto with more talent. He didn’t bash him or call him names. Now that’s his personal opinion. If I said I liked K’Naan’s music and some people said they didn’t like it and felt there were better people than him out there, does that make them haters? Get the fuck outta here.

    P.S. The moral of the comment is stop being so sensitive. This is a public forum. There’s a difference between an opinion and simply plain ‘hating’.

  11. IluvMe

    JP may not be hating but I will. P. Reign FUCKING SUCKS! I said it and what now…DUDE you are no DRAKE. STOP USING HIS NAME TO PUSH UR SHIT OUT!!! AND DON’T LIE…UR CHAIN GOT ROBBED U WANNA BE THUG!

  12. Dre

    JP… backpack rap does’nt sell records..P reign has what it takes musically talent wise and image to carry Canada on to new heights.. He will be the next man from toronto to blow, mark my words. be happy hes reppin your city man.

  13. Johnny Goodlife

    ^^^ Now who ever this IluvMe character is (trying to bite off Iluvlola in my opinion) is clearly a hater…

  14. OS1R1S

    I believe its the way JP said the comment which came off as hate. When you say it the way he did it comes off as emotional. At the end of the day this is music and what you consider to be amazing could be shit to another or most others. Such is life when your talking bout music or any kind of art. Some art to me makes no sense and is garbage but a lot of that art could be worth millions.

    all im saying P Reign goes in on this Diss track to Page. One of the best canadian diss tracks ive heard.

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    Great article written by a fine young man, Father Henry Carr is known for producing talented individuals…P.Reign needs to keep doing him fuck the beef make music, sign that big deal and become great I know Grand Hustle be knocking at ya door keep going hard Reps Up!

  16. AT22

    Just stepping thru the building to let Canadians know hats up on the inside. Really, Not to brag and cause attention, but yes partners to all who is doing well for theyself in music. Well, lets see, it seems we got a prophetizes somebody over westside ride eglinton by the name of (12,9,12…22′) meaning kannot quote yet but soon to be eating dinner with the big gods. I mean this dude is working low profile to bust a target at mainstream wit a new funkadelica solo frum Toronto. Bless you all, but I just wanna say the dude can rap, and he’s got theory and style to back him up. Gonna cause an explosion of like, ” Toronto, who really b this brutha outta Eglinton Westside? Mixed pride. Luv all hard workers, P. Reign do ya thang, beefs? no need, you smart brutha n hustla, but keep that flow funkin. ELIELV Taylor

  17. mayje

    diff strokes for diff folks

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