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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Shottas – Space [Video]

Vancouver, B.C. – Check the debut single from an MC duo known as Shottas. This is “Space” directed by Jim Vanderhorst for Dutch Mountain Productions. The song was produced by Speechless. The street album – entitled I Am The V – was released on May 5th and features a blend of rap, rock and reggae sound. Check it out after the jump.

Shottas - Space - I Am The V

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  1. Insider

    Insider Secret: This isn’t the final version of the video…

  2. Syd

    So sick! We got a interview going up in about a week on Grounded TV with the Shottas. These guys are doing big things in Van City.

    Oh, and the new HHC site is sick guys, big ups!

  3. tj

    shottas are real

  4. hata

    shottas are great but need to lose the name. nobody in T-dot will take these guys serious calling themselves “shottas” when there’s some real rankin Shottas in the house. think about it. might as well call yourselves murdaras or something just as corny. nuff respect but west coast rappers don’t consider the East, don’t appropriate what isn’t rightfully yours. peace.

  5. murdara

    because T-dot represents the rest of the world? and if the T-dot “shottas” gotta problem, they should handle it them selves, not some ‘hata’ on a website. and as far as i see, these shottas are obviously doin it bigger.

  6. haha

    since when did a canadian city claim a jamaican word???

  7. deception

    what big things are the shottas doing in vancity exactolee?

  8. Vanrock Soldier

    SHOTTA BOOM!! keep hatin boii homies love that shit!!

  9. Lova

    haha hata is one of those humans that learned patois on urbandictionary . com

  10. album lover

    Shottas will definitely be billionaires !!! They are amazing !!!

  11. real patois

    these guys aren’t even black and they are droppin’ n bombs left and right. learn some respect.
    however t-dot doesn’t claim anything over the west coast. this isn’t a geographical issue it’s obviously a racial one.
    lets drop the shottas name and call you guys wiggas instead.
    props to your talent but your mindset is garbage, boys.

  12. Sneakybandit

    haha obviously hata and real patois are the same hater in the same basement lol. A racial issue? Did you even watch the video brah?

  13. TrixieBoo

    real patois… did you even listen to the song? n-bombs? This is 2010, grow up and wake up! Inspiring track yall, keep it up

  14. yung

    shotta’s are making moves!! gotta respect em

  15. Diana

    awesome song, great beat.
    deserves some recognition

  16. Sneakybandit

    can’t get this one outta my head!

  17. shottafan

    Yo real patois they’re mullato if you can’t tell

  18. Shottas - KAi & Atlin | VAN MUSIC. Blogging Vancouver's live music scene

    […] Chillinatlin “Space” video on Hip Hop Canada: […]

  19. Vansur

    Stop hatin you lames, i know one of these dudes, and hes black so zip it with that talk, Shottas or take a bath with a toaster

  20. Sneakybandit

    got the shottas album off ebay to pump in my car! thanks hip hop canada! “I Am The V” is a classic!

  21. hatesalad

    these guys are sooo whack. I am real jamaca badman and they don’t even now how to spell shootas. these fakerz are trying to make real music. no one wants to here that… if tha gun don’t bang bang then noo go. these fonies need to follow gucci’s footsteps and grow up. Reeching for space is just plane un realistic

  22. StrawberryGyal

    love this!! I’m on and HHC daily waiting for their new music!! HURRY <3

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