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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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SouthSide Militia – Still Woodz [Video]

Edmonton, AB – New video from the duo known collectively as the SouthSide Milita. Spoox and Sam Scheme, representing Edmonton’s South end bring you the “Still Woodz” video directed by Big Shot Music Inc. Check it out!

Sppox and Sam Sceme are the SouthSide Militia - Still Woodz video

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  1. Treach

    yoyo fellas long time follower and observer, and just recently becomin’a a fan. Y’all got potential,keep the good work up. Looking forward to that album, hope y’all make it through the storm. but you know what, I love the rain, love da rain.alot of those cats is running their mouths, running they mouths crazy. after this vid, think they gotta eaze up tho, ya know. eaze up fore something happen, cuz we don’t want that, at least they don’t. they need to be eazy, an y’all tell em how it feels to be on top of the world, but yall gotta take it slow, even if you not a world wide legacy.
    in the end, y’all gonna bury em, man they don’t want beef they vegetarian, scared of pussy they climbed out of caesaerian, so push their grown asses back itheir momma’s womb.

    But naw they being disrespectful, theyz betta take it slow. Cuz y’all are the shit, and well the rebirth of langston hughes? I’m that man.

  2. Buckshot

    Yo on behalf of my bruthas in da clik, with reach eeryway and where, solid solid on that track. And nah we ain’t come for royalties on that reminisce pic of the cocoa broaz, just to offa y’all a warm welcome onto the set. IF ya don mind my critiqin, it was overall a healthy presentation, tho spoox I gotta give you props on the comin out party, yer lines were hot off da oven. But You neglected ya homeboy during yer flow man, gotta keep as a unit, solidarity i’m sayin’, when you rhyme, I didn’t see ya partner till his lyrics opened up. Instead youz chillin with the head nodder, I was half expecting his ass to be sam scheme lawl.

    Scheme, gotta get more in tune with yer presentation when flowing but otherwise yer piece had me tremblin’ 😉 , show more emotion my brutha, And tighten up on those lyrics, more meaning and clever word play, but otherwiuse good start my brutha.

    Yoyo check this tho, on the real, y’all got sick potential. I’m just a purveryor in this case, but da click def. sends respects–i’mma show cocoa broaz this piece they gone be heartfelt with the tribute. peace and stay a fan.


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