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Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

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Getting it Write: Sese & Ceaza Leon [Interview]

Toronto, ON – The original Wright brothers were pioneers of their time, outdoing earlier inventors by being the first to successfully cruise the skies. Decades later, the musical duo of Sese and Ceaza Leon try to talk in these terms and distinguish themselves from their own camp by teaming up on their new project ambitiously titled, The Write Brothers.

Sese and Ceaza Leon are the Write Brothers - Exclusive Interview on

But standing out will be no small task. Team Offense, the camp Sese and Ceaza Leon both claim, is a growing movement in Canadian music boasting a long list of artists, such as Cali Snipes (Toronto), Joey Stylez (rural Saskatchewan) and Littles The General (Halifax) and extending as far as the UK with members DJ Taylor and DJ Ames.

So how exactly will this project standout from a camp that has consistently put out strong music for at least half a decade?

“Just raw feeling and emotion.” You can hear the conviction in Sese’s voice as he describes the energy shared in the studio with his partner Ceaza Leon. “We didn’t plan nothing. We didn’t say this track is going to be about this and that, we said let’s just make music.”

And after two weeks banging out beats in Ceaza’s basement, they hope they can rise to the expectations they put on themselves and that is expected of a Team Offence release.

“I think the fans are going to love it and the critics will have a lot to say,” Ceaza claims, an opinion shared by his counterpart.

“I think the [fan] response will be positive. We’ve created a completely original sound together,” says Sese.

The original sound Sese mentions was achieved largely through lesser known producers such as Soul, who produced the majority of the mixtape, Gamble, Way, “and of course 2oolman is on there,” Ceaza confesses.

And although this is the first project from this tandem, they’ve long admired each others style of music and felt their sounds would mesh.

“I think Sese is the best rapper in Canada,” says Ceaza Leon. Sese laughs at this comment.

“He always says that. But Ceaza’s flow, the way he puts words together, I just knew we could make amazing music together.”

However, they are both optimistic about their futures as individual artists as well as a duo. Both are expected to release solo projects this summer: Ceaza Leon’s EP titled, The Blood Diamond, and Sese’s EP brazenly called, YFRWN (Your Favourite Rappers Worst Nightmare).

But with the focus still on this initial Write Brothers mixtape, Toronto waits as this duo attempts to find their own way to be fly.
The Write Brothers Mixtape is now available for download on Be sure to check out The Write Brothers official website,

Written by Kern Carter for HipHopCanada

Sese and Ceaza Leon are the Write Brothers - Exclusive Interview on HipHopCanada

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