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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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Citizen Kane – Life and Times [Audio/Video]

Toronto, ON – New video single from living legends Citizen Kane called “Life and Times”. The song was produced by Blanxx. This is HipHopCanada’s Song of the Day.

Citizen Kane - Life and Times (Prod. by Blanxx)

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  1. karatechop

    The song is on some underground ish. The sound is very dated. His flow is good. This is not making me check for his music though. BTW Toronto’s “ghetto” is not really a ghetto. It’s a democratic socialist gov’t where healthcare is subsidized if you can’t afford it. I’m just sayin’. I give it a 2.5 out of 5. Not hating, just real talk.

  2. musicislyfe

    sorry citizen kane..but im not feeling it..think its time you step back and let the ones more comitted and dedicated take the stand..good lyrics tho…just doesnt have that push..much love tho

  3. citizen kane

    i know ya’ll believe in your comments, but that underground sound is what i was going for in this song. even though the song was done early last year. i’m trying not to get in this lyrical masterbation all these mcees get into these days. talking about how their the best, how much better their life is than yours, or the car they drive and how much pussy they get.i did all that shit in the 90’s. time for hip hop to grow up. i’m talking about real stuff. real life. when does that stop people from checking your is that not intresting. shouldn’t mcees be keeping it real? doesn’t get realer than that. i love the beat it’s classic… epic even. not this rap slash r&b crap guys be spitting to. singing like bitches and shit. i’m not trying to sound like any body but myself. maybe thats got ya confused. cause i don’t sound like i’m from the south or ny or la or atl. i sound like my hood, scartown. plus only a guy who never lived in the ghetto would say there are no ghetto in toronto. tell my family that dummy! rap is about the lyrics.LISTEN TO THE LYRICS!!! these internet hip hop critics got to chill and leave this the real cats. hip hop is the voice of the ghetto not some club banging stripper music ya’ll be listen to, but if thats your thang more power to ya, just admit ya like that sell out shit. i know ya’ll internet critics will say some thing funny after this so you can hide the fact you don’t know nothing about hip hop that ya didn’t read off of some site like worldstar or something like “i like what i like” or “i’m just not feeling it homie sorry”. or maybe i have to be throwing money or have naked bitches in the vid or even talk about killing people like i’m crazy for ya’ll to get some intrest in it. open ya mind listen to the track and maybe ya’ll learn something!

  4. HipHopCanada

    Big shouts to Canadian hip-hop legends Citizen Kane for taking the time to comment. CK’s contributions to the scene are monumental and whille the new release might not be liked by everyone, we DO like it and we’re happy to post it up… and of course you’re welcome to post your feedback just as the artists can excerice their right to defend their art. But if you’re unfamiliar with Citizen Kane you’re really missing out and you should check out some classic releases like Deliverance or The Epic… or the National Film Board of Canada produced ‘Rapumentary’ featuring the group titled Raisin Kane. Look out for more CK content on HHC in the near future.

  5. ZEEN

    respect to u spade for being true… honestly i cant think of a group with a sound that represents t.o better than citizen kane.

  6. Tracks

    much respect to citizen kane. I’ve been a huge fan since i heard the black rain remix and the deliverance album has been a huge influence on me. Its good to see your still at it.

  7. nelly

    anyone know where i can get vinyl copies of ‘The Epic’ and ‘Deliverance’?…in the TO area!

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