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Quake Matthews – Hard To Choose [Audio]

Quake Matthews – Hard To Choose [Audio]

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DY – Passenger (DJ Jedi RMX) ft. Danny Fernandes [Audio]

Toronto, ON – Check out this DJ Jedi remix for “Passenger” by DY featuring Danny Fernandes. Jedi produced the song and the video was directed by Matthew Schilling. Brought to you by CP Records.

DY - Passenger DJ Jedi RMX ft. Danny Fernandes

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  1. karatechop

    At this point biting drake should be illegal. The picture above is straight up on Aubrey’s nut sack. The music is wick wick wack! Wack son! He kinda sounds like Shine at parts. Boo nukka boo.
    2 out of 5. Techno rap is for the birds son!

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