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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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King of the Dot to crown 1st Grand Prix Champion [Article/News]

King of the Dot to crown 1st Grand Prix champion

Toronto, ON – The biggest battle league in Canada resumes tonight, June 12th at XS nightclub to crown its first Grand Prix Champion. The 2010 King Of The Dot Grand Prix started in January with sixteen MCs including veterans Knamelis, Kaliente, Jack Shitt & crowd favorites 17 yr old Charron, Syco and Po Rich. Now Loe Pesci and Arcane face each other in the final after moving through their brackets undefeated. What’s on the line? $2000 and a title shot against battle veteran TheSaurus.

“I feel good about going into the final with [Loe Pesci],” says Arcane. “I definitely have a lot of angles on this dude; I can hit him up on a lot of different levels and that is the game plan.”

Though they probably won’t get along on June 12th, Pesci at least acknowledges Arcane’s talent.

“I’m kind of glad that Arcane did make it to the finals. It’s a good look for King of the Dot,” he says. “This is a rap tournament… me and Arcane are two actual rappers who battle.”

With both finalists poised and exuding nothing but confidence, this final is highly anticipated by many KOTD fans. Avi Rex, a key player in the smooth running of KOTD, sees notable strengths in both rappers.

“Pesci’s strengths are definitely his flow and delivery. He’s always really polished,” Avi Rex says after taking a moment to think. “Arcane has definitely been on his game during the Grand Prix.”

At this point, it’s anyone’s game. The 90-second rounds will no doubt get heated and personal as both rappers plan on taking home the title.

“We battle and tell each other ‘you’re the worst, I’m the best,’” Pesci says confidently. “If some people hate me because of it and they say I’m cocky, well, too bad.”

Luckily for KOTD fans, this final battle will not be the end of the 2010 Grand Prix. Two-time World Rap Champion (WRC) TheSaurus, hailing from Monterey Bay, California, recently stripped Hollohan of his championship title. For the winner of the Grand Prix, that means a collision course with TheSaurus later this summer. True to their characters, both Loe Pesci and Arcane seem confident in their potential with that possibility.

“At this point I feel like I could take TheSaurus out and I don’t feel like there are that many dudes in the league that could,” Arcane says with no hesitation. “There are some top-tier cats that could do it but I think I have a real good shot,” he continues. “I feel like I have the best shot at that battle.”

King of The Dot battles have never been known to disappoint and the 2010 Grand Prix final will be no different. The winner will be awarded $2000, the loser, not leaving empty-handed, will leave with $500.

“To me it’s a great match up,” says Bishop Brigante, who will co-host the event with Organik. “Its two guys that are lyrical and hard hitting and punch line driven battle MCs. This final is not going to be one you can kind of listen to. You’re going to have to really pay attention to it. Arcane pulled a few big upsets so far and I’ve seen a lot of consistency from him. I’ve seen a consistent and a sharper Arcane during this Grand Prix and Loe Pesci is on his A game. So we’ll see how it plays out.”

Stay tuned to for more KOTD info, videos and commentary.

Written by Chantle Beeso for HipHopCanada

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King of the Dot to crown 1st Grand Prix champion

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