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Dope Piece releases two-part video for “Come Up” & “Catchin’

Dope Piece releases two-part video for “Come Up” & “Catchin’

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Mazaman – Gangsta Girls ft. Illy & Payback [Audio]

Toronto, ON – Rexdale is in the building! Brand new single from Mazaman called “Gangsta Girls” featuring Illy and Payback of the infamous G Squad. The song was also produced by Mazaman. This is HipHopCanada’s Song of the Day.

Mazaman - Gangsta Girls ft. Illy & Payback

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  1. karatechop

    The beat is decent judging by new school standards. The verses are straight up cliche’. There are 1000 rappers who do this bitch, gansta, street shit much better. I just don’t believe him. The delivery is blah on the first guy. The 2nd dude raps better but he’s not saying anything either. This is some run of the mill, same ol’ same ol’. 2.5 out of 5. Step it up and change your substance or you don’t stand a chance against the hot shit (whoever that is).

  2. shawn

    yo sick track and for homie who left a comment u cant understand the depth of these lyrics cuz u a homo . this is real music real gangsta rap trust me big up to pay and illy keep it poppin nuff love crush that.

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