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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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J. Moy – On My Way ft. KinSmuv [Audio]

Toronto, ON – There’s a feeling of progress in the air and J. Moy is taking deep breaths. He leaps into the forefront with his new single “On My Way.” The inspiring anthem and ode to the pursuit of happiness is the first single from his debut solo project Once Upon A Time In China. A soulful hook by fellow Torontonian Kin Smuv, compliments J. Moy’s focused narrative about his desire to achieve greatness. “On My Way is a chance for the public to feel lifted,” says J. Moy. “It’s a pick up and go make it happen, kind of vibe. I chose it as my first single because it truly represents where I’m at. I’ve made some noise over the years, but now I’m rockin as a solo artist and have made some big moves over the last four months. So I feel like I’m on my way.” Those big moves include being featured in The Source magazine, winning Jin’s Hip-Hop Census contest, being nominated for a Toronto Independent Music award and of course, completing his debut solo project Once Upon A Time In China (which will be available mid-August).

“On My Way” was produced by Justin Davey and it is HipHopCanada’s Song of the Day.

J. Moy - On My Way ft. Kin Smuv - Once Upon a Time in China

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Biography of J. Moy

There he was, standing in a room full of artists in the middle of New York City: a rapper of Chinese decent hailing from Canada, of all places. It was The Source’s Unsigned Hype Talent Search and J. Moy was possibly the longest shot to win. The judges even admitted later that when he was announced, their expectations weren’t very lofty. But that’s the grain J Moy enjoys going against. He’s built to get kicks off blowing you out of the water. He laughs with almost impenetrable confidence. He raps with blinders on, seeing, feeling and hearing his own lane and nothing else. He’s got a bright smile, but mean bars. And that faithful day in New York City saw a young J. Moy walk in as a group member and walk out a solo artist with a chip on his shoulder and a victory under his belt. He won the New York Division and was later featured in The Source magazine for his efforts. A year later, he’s releasing his debut solo project: Once Upon A Time In China.

“This is 100% me,” says Moy. “You’ll hear my inspiration, the details of my struggle as an artist, the places I dream of going. This is all my money, blood, sweat and tears. This is my first record and is the beginning of my story, which is why it’s called Once Upon A Time In China. It’s a title that signals the beginning of the narrative that is my life.”

J.Moy (formerly known as Chinx) got to know hip hop while recording mixtapes for his older brother. With a recorder in hand, he’d watch shows like Rap City and record the songs his brother liked. Tupac, Lost Boyz, Wu Tang, they all became imbedded in his psyche after hours spent compiling music.

Moy got a little older, but was still the young buck when he joined a crew called Drunken Fists. A culturally diverse group of rappers & producers, creative energy was always flowing and produced two mixtapes of completely collaborative material. Here, Moy achieved a sense of place within the group that allowed his development within the unit.

He soon moved in with another rapper in the crew, Prestege, and built a home studio. Recording became a way of life as the two bachelors would spend countless nights creating material. The product of almost a year together was the album Road To Stardom.

“I came up in battles, ciphers and just generally a collaborative environment,” explains Moy. “Road To Stardom got me closer to focusing on my own story but was still a shared vision and now Once Upon A Time In China is the realization of my personal stories.”

Those stories come together in a full bodied album, ripe with diverse subject matter, polished delivery and structure and relentless lyricism.

“The struggle as a Canadian artist is hard as hell as is,” says J. Moy. “Now imagine that as an Asian guy in an urban industry! I’m always talking about the movement, trying to take the negative and make it positive.”

And he does that with the help of Kin Smuv on his lead single “On My Way,” which immediately registers as a ballad of aspiration.

“You can do you cause, I’ma do me, all I want in this world is for me to succeed. So I’m on my way to the top, and aint nothing gonna stop me now cause I already got my head in the cloud. Cause I’m on my way to the top!” sings Kin Smuv.

Look forward to hearing more from J. Moy as he looks forward to sharing his story. Once Upon A Time In China…

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