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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Rich Kidd’s camp releases statement after sex tape leak [News]

Toronto, ON – While this may come as news to some, a ton of people were apparently copied on an e-mail that went out last night after the ex-girlfriend of MC/producer Rich Kidd hacked into his account. After hacking into his e-mail, she then sent out a video link to a sex tape that she and Rich had shot together at some point during their relationship. Not taking any chances on who the video blast might have offended, Rich Kidd’s Ridgeway Inc. family was quick to release this statement:

“On behalf of the Ridgeway Inc family, we’d like to apologize to our colleagues, supporters and fans who received a lewd, unauthorized e-mail from our team on July 9th, 2010. This was an obvious breach of privacy as an ex-girlfriend hacked into Rich Kidd’s computer in attempt to embarrass him. Please be advised that the e-mail address associated with the invasion of personal video and photography is no longer under our control. We thank you all for your continued enthusiasm for the Rich Kidd/Ridgeway Inc. projects and appreciate your respect moving forward.”

Keep that in mind if you receive any weird e-mails from the Ridgeway camp today… an angry ex-girlfriend is on the loose!

Rich Kidd's camo releases statement after sex tape leaked


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  1. That Crazy

    That’s Crazy that you guys would lie to cover up the leak. Rich and Dj Special K never dated. She’s still crazy for leaking the video.

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  3. OMG

    lol @ThatCrazy That chick was dealin with my homie her an Rich were only fucking when he was on tour

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  5. Lol

    Dj Special K who is in tha video is not he’s ex girlfriend she didn’t leak tha tape tha ex girlfriend Eden Skye did, She’s a crazy bitch she’s hacked into he’s email before and he can’t use he’s facebook account now because she changed tha pass word!!!!

  6. TdotRepsUp

    I got tha tape in my inbox and yo I aint never seen twitter or facebook blow up like dat! Dj S.K is da new super head.LOOOOOL I’d change places wit Richie hahaha.
    Yah I herd mans dem facebook aint workin but u can follow dem on twitter
    @Ridgewayinc and @whoisdjspecialk tha question right now is where is dj special k and Rich Kidd?

  7. ScrewFaced

    There both together in NYC right now at tha Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival.LOL

  8. WOW

    LMFAO this is so funny. But I think they are dating now but they must be keeping it low-key.
    Cause I herd to that they were both in NY.

    He’s Ex girlfriend Eden is crazy she sent my homegirl some wierd msg on Facebook telling her to stay away from Rich. Lol

    I didn’t see the sex tape but I did hear about it all over Twitter.

  9. TdotRepsUp

    They were in NY together. LMFAO. I just seen Rich on FB Chat didn’t hear anything about his facebook getting hacked. But I did here that niggas carrying around some shit K too

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