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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Gee Wunder’s Jewels Volume 2 [Blog]

Wassup HipHopCanadians and hip-hop familia worldwide! I’m back again for the second instalment of Gee Wunder’s Jewels. Hopefully I served up some inspiration in volume one which led you to record those 10 new joints or film that sick music video you’ve been planning all year. Here’s some more food for thought…

Gee Wunders Jewels Volume 2

In today’s blog I’m going to discuss professionalism and work ethic in the Canadian hip-hop industry. Hopefully, by now, all of you rappers out there have come to the realization that hip-hop is a BUSINESS… just like any other money making business. A business that takes preparation, planning, time, sacrifice and a lot of money. When I first started in this game, I remember being geeked and excited over recording one solitary track… that’s all good and what not, but when the REALITY of the business side sets in, is when most artists have their “moment of clarity” …cause, you see, it’s not enough to have just a single of even HALF an album or mixtape recorded and be promoting yourself as a full fledged artist. You need to be ahead of the game and have a stockpile of ammo ready to blast off at any given time, ESPECIALLY in today’s music market where records are released via the Internet at a break-neck pace.

Once an artist understands this and has made a commitment (financial and otherwise) is when the other support systems in the industry HAVE to step up and help the artist along his/her course… I.e. Managers, Publicists, Producers, Engineers, Graphic Artists, Labels etc. This is often where an artist runs into problems… These roadblocks or problems arise from; the producer who has promised to sequence your track four months ago and still has not done so, the engineer who has promised you a final master to put to your award winning video who has not returned your calls for days… or the shady manager who took your money for the grant writer to buy diapers for his kids.

This blog is a wake-up call to all industry professionals, artists (myself included), to step your game up! Do what you say you were gonna do when you said you were gonna do it… don’t put it off till when it’s convenient to you. Do that dub that you promised to DJ Big Skills before the deadline… go to the studio (time that you’re prolly getting for free or mad cheap) on time! Get to that production meeting on time! Return that e-mail or phone call you were supposed to respond to 3 days ago… If you are in this game to make money and leave a lasting mark realize that you’re now playing in the big leagues… not the minors anymore. So if you’re doing this music thing as a hobby, do it on your own time, with the homies on the block… don’t waste the time of real industry professionals. As the old saying goes “first impressions are lasting ones”.

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That’s all Gee wrote for this edition… so till the next issue of Gee Wunder’s Jewels.

Be ezee…..

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Written by Gee Wunder for HipHopCanada


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