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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Rich Kidd – Boiling Point 2010 [Audio]

Toronto, ON – Today’s Song of the Day is a dope new tune from producer/MC Rich Kidd, going in on the instrumental to the Concrete Mob classic “Boiling Point” produced by Scam. We were told that We On Some Rich Kidd Shit Volume 4 is dropping online this Thursday or Friday so stay tuned for that and in the meantime take this one in. Shouts to the good people at CityOnMyBack for linking the audio and providing some insight from Scam on how the track came to be.

Rich Kidd - Boiling Point 2010

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Scam on Boiling Point 2010

I remember working with Rich at my spot, it was the second or third time we had hooked up. Rich just had just recorded “Ridin’ Solo” so we were chilling and vibing, I started going through beats.

I got through a few and “Boiling Point” came on…Rich simply said “keep it on this for a bit”…I obliged…turned up the volume, left the studio to go upstairs to tend to the slow simmering spaghetti sauce….Came back downstairs after about 10 minutes with more ice for the McGillicuddy’s and he was ready to record….Rich ran through his verse a few times and nailed it on the third or fourth take.

I was floored…It was on!!! I knew from that moment on that Rich Kidd is the truth. I produced “Boiling Point” back in ‘94 and trust me I’ve heard a lot of verses from many MC’s being spit over the “Boiling Point” instrumental over the years. The original by Concrete Mob is a Canadian classic, but when I heard Rich go in on “Boiling Point” that day…he made it official in my mind…Rich is the cornerstone of the Toronto hip-hop movement that has so many eyes on it right now.

He spits like no one I’ve heard. His beats are some of the best coming of this beautiful city of ours. And if you were at the recent Rich Kidd show last week…you really know what’s up!! It’s simple. Just listen & pay attention…I always say that the music will speak for itself.

This is just a teaser… more where this came from.


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  2. kaliym shabazz

    well ok scam, what is the movement,,, this was good but if you think he is the truth and he is aiight then i want you to be in contact with kaliym shabazz as i have some new shit to do shit

    hey i was watching youtube right and saw thrust and mos def rhyming with that kal kid on the beat box and saw your face was like boom there is it, it was a vibe….you a part of all this but we are unorganized

    can i call you please like soon kid

  3. kaliym

    no one is giving props but me and that is the jam, lets not waste this give or time i called you and it was real, you with realer people now a mix from logic and the mobb,

    logic was to artistic and mobb too street, he is in the middle like me buti am abstract so lets all figure out a way to get no joke or lie at least a few grand of this one tune at the price of a bag of chips, lets hustle to get 1000 bags and then after that the name can sell it’s self, way worst tunes are getting paid

    what is the focus people…. shabazz is like that

    lets take the lead and let them have the ego and a bag of airpies

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