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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Dilln Whytes – The Game [Audio]

Ottawa, ON – Although new to the scene officially, Dilln Whytes has been on his grind and pulling all nighters in studios for over a decade. Honing his craft and perfecting his strategies, Whytes recently kicked off his first year long promotional campaign that will lead up to the release of his album debut Whytes, Camera, Action. In the meantime, he prepares for the release of his mixtape debut It’s My Life, hosted by DJ Young Mase (The Aphilliates/D12).

The first song that was released off the mixtape was “Bounce With Me” and the latest cut, coming out today is “The Game” – HipHopCanada’s Song of the Day.

Dilln Whytes - The Game - It's My Life - Whytes, Camera, Action

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For Whytes, each song that drops is a window into a new perspective on his life and a new understanding of who he is as an aritst:

“I wanted to introduce myself into the game by letting y’all follow me through my thought process as a real street dude. At one point it was all I knew, and I want to let my fans see the growth from Dilln Whytes the hustler to Dilln Whytes the artist, on to Dilln Whytes the star.

The mixtape release is a longtime coming as Whytes and Young Mase have been building for over two years. Whytes has helped the D12/Aphilliates mix master build his Canadian presence while Mase has assisted in the development of Whytes’ Family First movement. Whytes and Mase have joined forces for a couple of concert dates already, and the pair will be hitting the road in the near future to promote Whytes’ forthcoming releases.

Mase is amped to take on the DJing duties for Whyte’s debut mixtape: “Dilln Whytes is the truth coming out of Canada. The mixtape is 100% real! I rep Dilln and the entire Bridge family.”

Stay tuned for more leaks off of It’s My Life. The It’s My Life mixtape, hosted by DJ Young Mase, will be availble for download in its entireity on October 12th, 2010.

About Dilln Whytes

Leadership, entrepreneurial tact and self-preservation are qualities that the modern era artist must conquer in order to compete in the monster that is the music industry; qualities arguably as important as the art itself, in the quest for career prosperity.

Canadian rapper Dilln Whytes has understood these principles from the early stages of his artistic development and has literally spent years mastering his craft and preparing for the execution of his business plan. With hype for Canadian hip-hop being higher than it has ever been on a worldwide scale, the opportunity is prime to put that plan in motion and to begin Whytes’ official arrival onto the scene. As such, the game begins.

Whytes, who resides in Canada’s nation’s capital of Ottawa, has essentially maintained a presence in the same Russell Projects and Mechanicsville hoods – with a brief stint in Toronto – as he transitioned from the grind of the streets to launching a new grind fuelled by his longstanding passion for hip-hop.

While not having the closest relationship with his father while growing up, Whytes found himself forced into the position of being the man of the house. At a young age, faced with the responsibilities put on him, he was obligated to grow up fast and fend for his mother and two sisters. He learned to make money and he did it well. He excelled in street smarts and put them to use as he went through the types of experiences young men often do growing up in the projects; survival of the fittest, the strong and the calculated prosper.

These are the types experiences that bestowed upon him a forceful feeling of leadership and drive to succeed. When the calling came to make music a core part of his life, Whytes knew he had to do things big and do things right. From years of messing around with lyrics and hanging out in studios like Ottawa’s infamous SWAPP, he made a decision one day that he wanted to take the rap game seriously, and he hasn’t looked back since.

The first step was to establish a studio, called Trackcity, to unleash the creativity and to establish a business home base to build and propel the Dilln Whytes brand from. In the beginning stages, just over five years ago, while maintaining his regular grind to put food on the plate, the start of what would be become half a year was invested into the building and renovation of the studio space. Over 30 thousand dollars was invested in building alterations and equipment expenses to ensure the professional integrity and sound of the forthcoming recordings.

After years of building an enormous catalogue of music — many completed records but a large handful of works in progress – the time has finally come for Dilln Whytes to introduce his music and Family First Entertainment company. The house has filled up and the lights are slowly being drawn for the timely release of Whyte’s debut mixtape It’s My Life hosted by acclaimed D12 DJ, Young Mase, who is also a member of the highly sought after mixtape unit, The Aphilliates.

It’s My Life kick starts the year long promotional campaign that will include various singles and leaked records, music videos and tour circuit presence as Whytes ultimately prepares for the Fall 2011 release of his official full-length album debut — Whytes, Camera, Action.

With the recent leak of “Bounce With Me”, Whytes will be positioning himself for the official release of a first buzz single that will be followed by a music video to offer that initial visual bond with his music and movement. While his solo career has been something he has kept private in the process of his development, he is no stranger to rocking a crowd and making mixtape appearances. With close ties to Bridge Media Group and recent performances backed by Young Mase, Whytes is channelling his experiences to cover all angles of his debut, from modern area digital trends that have changed the face of the music industry all the way to old fashion marketing tactics that will deliver Whytes‘ sound to the world.

Stay tuned for the release of the free online Dilln Whytes mixtape It’s My Life, dropping mid-October 2010.

Don’t forget to follow Whytes on Twitter @DillnWhytes.

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