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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Kyprios and the Peak Performance [Interview]

Vancouver, B.C. – The talented Kyprios Bayday of Sweatshop Union is bravely taking part in a contest put on by the radio station known as The Peak. His talents and skills are being put to the test in hopes of taking the grand prize of one hundred thousand dollars home with him, and putting it to use towards furthering his musical career. The boy is doing well people. He definitely has what it takes to challenge his competitors. He is a rapping singing sensation with a fantastic sense of humor to boot, and in this industry you need to be at least a three act threat these days. HipHopCanada sat down with him, and got to talking about his involvement in the contest, his future with Sweatshop, and the renowned no pants parties. This is what Kyprios had to say.

Kyprios and the Peak Performance on

HipHopCanada: Tell me about this contest that you are involved.

Kyprios: It is a radio contest put on by 100.5 The Peak. Its called the Peak Performance Project and there were just under five hundred applicants across British Columbia. Only twenty five of em got chosen and I am the only Urban act in the competition. I’m an M.C. and it’s a pretty holistic competition that’s got a performance aspect. Everyone is given 3500 bucks at the beginning of it and you have to show what you have been able to do with the money because at the end we have to do a marketing recap of what you would do with the grand prize of the hundred grand.

HipHopCanada: For you, what has been most enjoyable about being involved with the contest?

Kyprios: The boot camp. All the artists went away for a week. [Steam Clock across the street at HHC’s gastown office goes off] That clock is so incredibly flat. Its like the old steam clock’s little retarded brother that can’t sing as well. The old clock is somewhere out in a glee choir right now killin’ it and we got stuck with this little retard who cant sing for shit… anyways the bootcamp was sick. It was in a spot called Rockridge Canyon right outside Princeton and all twenty artists with their bands or groups came up. We had to write a song. Nobody slept. It was a beautiful spot with a lake, basketball courts, ziplines and a ton of other shit that we had no time to enjoy because of the intensity of the seminars. There’s nothing like it in Canada, and I don’t know if I have ever gotten more out of a single experience in my entire time in the industry.

HipHopCanada: What musicians are you competing against?

Kyprios: It would take me a long time to name them all and I wouldn’t want to leave any out. But to name a few there’s Said the Whale and Adaline, Jess Hill, Debra-Jean, Vince Vaccaro and like fifteen others.

Kyprios and the Peak Performance on

HipHopCanada: So from different genres of music?

Kyprios: Ya there is definitely some differences in genres there. No one’s straight across the board alternative rock, but there’s folk alternative-based rock, there’s some pop, there’s some dudes with a harder edge. Vince Vaccarro is more of an organic folk rock. More edgy than Jack Johnson but more of a cool vibe.

HipHopCanada: Is being a hip-hop artist going to put you at an advantage or disadvantage in this contest?

Kyprios: I thought initially that it was going to put me at a disadvantage because if it came down to me and another person, being that I am an MC makes it more of a stretch for the radio station. I’ve talked to people though and the more that I talk with the people at the radio station the less I see it as a disadvantage and the more I see it as something that doesn’t even factor into the equation which is fantastic. Being able to see it and feel it and know that it is tangible to win this without discrimination is awesome. It’s a pretty level playing field.

HipHopCanada: What has been the most challenging part of the contest for you?

Kyprios: I think that the most challenging thing is the biggest thing that my career needed which is the independence that I have gained. Throughout my career I have been fortunate enough to have been babied in that there was always a manager or an agent or someone there to do the grunt work Here I am now doin’ it and this is what my career needed most. I’m independent. The game has changed so much over the years that this is a boulder that I haven’t even tried to push. I had to step up my marketing machine in order to really compete in this competition.

Kyprios and the Peak Performance on

HipHopCanada: So after this what happens with Sweatshop Union? Are you planning on going solo?

Kyprios: Ahhh. I am. You know. It’s an amalgamation of four groups. Pigeon Hole put out an amazing record, Dirty Circus put out a fantastic record, Innocent Bystanders is workin’ on a record, I’ve got another record going. Sweatshop is working on something right now which I will definitely be apart of.

HipHopCanada: What are your plans for the money if you win it?

Kyprios: There is going to be three days of debaucherous cocaine and prostitution in Monte Carlo. Ahhhh jokes. There is going to be a lot of structure and focus put forth if I win the money. It isn’t a situation where its like they cut the cheque and take off. It has to be put towards music. No buying a house. You gotta buy a foundation…for your career.

HipHopCanada: DJ Itchy Ron of Sweatshop Union heard that you would be doing an interview with HipHopCanada and he had a question that he would like us as serious journalists to ask you.

Kyprios: Oh ya, whats that?

HipHopCanada: Do you have any comments on the no pants parties?

Kyprios: Yes. I have many comments on the no pants parties. First, they are the best parties. They are well renowned. Itchy Ron actually introduced me to the concept years ago. He took me to this den of inequity. We went down many hallways. He knew secret passageways and passwords. There was moonshine being served there and everything and he gave me the password. I got in and there was a no pants party goin on like you wouldn’t believe. Everyone was there. It was ridiculous! George Bush was there, unreal in his no pants game. Corky, from Life Goes On, there. Apollo Creed was there, a plethora of playmates were there. There was an assortment of wildlife there, and its funny because the wild life, they actually put tops on and kept the pants off! Wild right? Im a huge fan needless to say of the no pants party.

Interview conducted by Samantha Cairns for HipHopCanada
Photography by Amalia Judith for HipHopCanada

Don’t forget to check out Kyprios’ performance at the Red Room on October 7th as part of the Peak Performance Project concert series.

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