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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Luu Breeze Making Power Moves? [Article]

Toronto, ON – As soon as an artist surpasses expectations and ascends to heights beyond those before him/her, the question is inevitable: who’s next? Toronto is no different, and with the recent rush of artists and producers becoming household names, the suspense of watching everyone chase that title of “next to blow” becomes as exciting as cheering for the ones already holding it. Luu Breeze just released his long delayed EP Topic of Discussion, and is making a case to be part of that race.

Luu Breeze Making Power Moves? [Article] on

One supporter in particular recently invited him out to L.A for what Breeze says can create a whole new agenda for his future.

“I’ve known 1da for a while now. The first original track I ever wrote was to a Boi-1da beat. I don’t think he even knows that,” Breeze says.

Whether Boi-1da knew that or not, it didn’t stop the super-producer from reaching out to Breeze with what he called a “life changing opportunity.” And although the Toronto native is brief in sharing details about his trip, sources say he had a sit down with reps from Interscope, did some writing in the studio with ATL singer Lloyd, and even submitted some hooks for rapper The Game.

Beat Merchant, the main composer behind Belly’s gold debut double-album, The Revolution, sees a future for him in a song writing capacity. “Breeze is quite versatile when it comes to the music. His writing capabilities will take him far.”

And though Breeze knows how important it is to take advantage of the opportunities this recent trip afforded him, he also knows that it’s his body of work that’s propelled him to be one of the city’s staple artists.

“All the people showing love, saying I’m the next dude from Toronto, it gave me the push to keep going. [Now] I feel I have what it takes to take it to the next level,” reveals Breeze.

Breeze’s line-up of peer support doesn’t stop with 1da. Sunny Diamonds watched Breeze progress through his sessions at Diamond Factory Studio for years now, and isn’t lost on his potential in the booth.

Luu Breeze Making Power Moves? [Article] on

“I check for him,” says Sunny Diamonds, whose studio is home to many urban artists from the Greater Toronto Area. “He’s one of the better artists [to record] out of Diamond Factory. He’s always a fun session and takes constructive criticism.”

On record there seems to be two sides to Luu Breeze, maybe even three of four. For example, “Stick-Up For Love Pt. II” showcases Breeze spitting poetic melodies over soft drum patterns, then just as quickly flipping his flow to bring out that other side he admits he doesn’t always like to show; that aggressive, raw, “Bang Bang,” “Push My Buttons” side. More brilliantly, anthems like “I Aint Going To Jail” show Breeze’s ability to fuse those styles onto one emotionally provoking track.

“I’ve been around so many different types of people and all different walks of life,” Breeze explains. “People know me as a cool guy, a family person, a friend person. Then I got that side I bring out when I want to. That side no one wants to see. I just put all that into my music.”

And with his self proclaimed dynamic trio-which includes himself along with Boi-1da and Mega Man-leading the way on his projects, Luu Breeze seems to be in a good position to make some power moves.

But this isn’t the first time we’ve heard his name in that category. In 2007, Urbanology Magazine reported Breeze had meetings with reps from Ludacris’ DTP label, rapping for almost two hours. While the meeting created a reasonable buzz around Breeze, it failed to materialize into anything substantial.

With experiences like that in his back pocket however, Breeze continues to pay his dues while looking forward to more meetings like the ones in L.A.

Written by Kern Carter for HipHopCanada
Additional reporting by Jonathon “Bizz” Brown

Luu Breeze Making Power Moves? [Article] on

Luu Breeze Making Power Moves? [Article] on

Luu Breeze Making Power Moves? [Article] on


01. Luu Breeze – I Want It All ft. Show Stephens
02. Luu Breeze – I Ain’t Going To Jail
03. Luu Breeze – J.O.S.H. (Jealous One’s Still Hop)
04. Luu Breeze – Make Me Forget
05. Luu Breeze – 20/20 ft. Vic Numan & Cus
06. Luu Breeze – Push My Buttons
07. Luu Breeze – Drink Away The Pain
08. Luu Breeze – Bang Bang ft. Cus, Mista Bourne, M-Deezy, Illy & Mayhem Morearty

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    Breezy I see you..
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