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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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Rushden and Diamonds – 2010 [Review]

Vancouver, B.C. – The comical hip-hop group that goes by the name of Rushden and Diamonds released their debut album 2010 in September and the group – consisting of Karl (aka Lord Edward Diamonds) and his partner Micheal Rushden – take on nostalgic eighties rifts and beats. The background beats and rifts are so ridiculously eighties that it is immediately recognizable that these two are trying at more than just musical ability. The project is hilarity.

Review: Rushden & Diamonds - 2010 (Album)

“Tell me How you Like It Ooh” is a chivalric mock. The sexy R&B tune in the background is so evocative that it brings back memories of nineties high school dances with sweaty hands on your shoulders. One of the emcees tells his lover that he will be her “toe tapper tonight.” The two compliment each other in differentiating themselves from one another. The funny thing is about these cats is that not only are they funny, and good with wordplay, the two are fairly good emcees as far as flow goes as well. “This is Life” uses Camp Lo’s renound “Luccini” beat and Diamond’s chivalric character, and though he carries on his strange “almost English” accent as he raps, he can definitely hold his own in the world of flow.

2010, also produced by the two MCs, is a refreshing project. While so many MCs these days have no interest other than to brag and gloat about swagger and shine, these boys take a spin on all of that and the way in which they do it works. The album will at least bring a smile to your face a few times. A fantastic listen while in the car with your silliest friends.

Written by Samantha Cairns for HipHopCanada



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  1. Lucio Ermoso

    Yes cause ive listen to hip hop since its infancy and Ive stopped listening since a few years back, because of how generic its become. These cats bring a fresh spin and style all there own which is a great change of pace. Thats the way every musical style has to take different parts of other music stylz and merge them to make it more intreging for the ppl!

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