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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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Littles The General and Syph are Perfect Strangers [Article]

Halifax/Toronto – At first listen to the Perfect Strangers mixtape you think to yourself, “how can these two possibly be strangers?” The way Littles the General and Syph co-exist from track to track, flowing effortlessly back and forth, taking turns tearing down beats, you would think these two were conceived in the same womb.

Littles The General and Syph are Perfect Strangers [Article] on

But there are some differences in these two Team Offense affiliates. Littles hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia, while Syph calls the Toronto area home. And if you know Canadian hip-hop, you know Littles has been in the game for a minute, spitting raps before it was cool, before any and everyone that knew how to rhyme called themselves a rapper. Syph is fairly new to the rap scene, but he hasn’t let that slow him down. And when these two decided it was time to put Perfect Strangers together, Syph went to work in his studio banging out 8 hooks, and had them ready and waiting to be blessed by the general.

“I was in Miami doing some promotions for Team Offense with a company called Five Star Social. When I came back Syph had 8 tracks ready for me. Shit was easy after that. I just had to spit.”

And after a month worth of raps in Syphs studio, amounting to about 30 tracks, Perfect Strangers was born.

“Making music was the easy part. Handpicking which songs to put on the album was kind of hard,” says Littles, who admits he wanted to try some different things on this project.

“It’s very different from what I’m used to doing. I mean some of it is similar, but some of my style on it is completely different.”

Some of that unique direction Littles speaks about may come from the newcomer. Syph prides himself on being versatile and wanted this mixtape to reflect that.

“I wanted to show off my versatility and hit all angles; dance, hip-hop, rnb, whatever.”

Clearly on songs like “Down Below” and “Riding Dirty” featuring Belly, anyone with eardrums can hear the variety present in this mixtape. Syph has that rare ability to switch flows without sounding forced or out of place, and if Littles has anything to do about it, everyone in Canada will soon know about his junior counterpart.

“My goal with this project was to show that Syph is one of the top artists in Toronto. I wanted to show off all of his talent because there are so many different aspects to him.”

Syph does acknowledge all the praise, but admits he has learned a lot from watching Littles operate.

“I learned work ethic, how to put out a mixtape properly, how to move in front of the camera. Things like that. Little things a lot of artists don’t really know.”

Well whatever Syph lacked in experience he makes up for in pure talent. And with Littles guiding the way, Perfect Strangers is sure to be one of the hottest tapes to grace the streets, be it Toronto, Halifax, or anywhere else in Canada that embraces well made rap music.

“And you can expect a lot more.”

Written by Kern Carter for HipHopCanada
Editor: Jonathon “Bizz” Brown

Littles The General and Syph are Perfect Strangers [Article] on


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