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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Billy Slade – Where You At? [Video]

Vancouver, B.C. – You’re gonna hate Billy Slade. Okay, well he’s not all that bad and he’s pretty funny, but he does offend the sensibilities of anyone with… sensibilities. Slade claims to be the three-and-a-half-year-premature illegitimate son of Andrew Dice Clay, but in reality is a sharp young guy whose associations with Josh Martinez and CamoBear Records have somehow earned him a spot on HipHopCanada. “Where You At?” is the story of – wait for it – that velvet painting dogs. Yup. Check the vid – written by Billy and brother E$ Slade, directed by Louvens Remmy – and feel free to tell Billy how ignorant you think he is in the comments section.

Billy Slade

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  1. Big Jube

    Billy Slade is the Shit… Classic material!!


    BILLY. I think you suck. God hates you and your “people”. I thought the video was the best thing about your “song”. If you had any talent you would be dead. I wish you made songs like lesser artists such as Wiz Khalifa and Megamixxx.

    Jonny Forgotten 1989 to 2011
    “You’re a fugazi my friend”

  3. Dudley Danger

    Hey. I am in a band with Jonny. I totally agree. I hate Billy slade. But looooooove the video.

    ok. I lied i actually kinda like the song. Its about dogs right?

  4. Dudley Danger

    Yo jonny. I know you man. You should seriously listen man.. I think you’re wrong. billy is the voice of the disenfranchised female. Video is super ill.

  5. D.Bow

    This dude is actually real real funny and can spit if your listening to what he’s saying.
    Beat is alright, but the verses and video are killin it!!
    This kid’s other shit is kinda tight too.

  6. Josh Martinez

    i think billy slade is hilarious. He’s on my bowling team and i think he works in insurance fraud or does insurance fraud himself, or something. He lent me his dog once, for a week and went to Vegas and did unspeakable things to women and possibly, most likely, got some prosties with prosties (prostitues with prosthetics)! But he’s good to my kids, and he’s not too much of a creep, so i let him ride for my squad. But bitches, man. Bitches.

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