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Dope Piece releases two-part video for “Come Up” & “Catchin’

Dope Piece releases two-part video for “Come Up” & “Catchin’

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Boombox Saints – Bringin the Boom Back: Based on a True Story EP [Review]

Vancouver, B.C. – If you haven’t met The Boombox Saints, let me introduce you. The two MCs – Freeky P and Huggy Fresh – although quite different, complement each others’ styles perfectly. Freeky has a more rough and gritty delivery whereas Huggy’s is more smooth and playful. The lone vocalist Adlib completes the trio with an expressively soulful voice.

Boombox Saints

Their first album The Boombox EP had an old-school hip-hop feel. Their latest effort Bringin’ the Boom Back: Based On A True Story EP showcases another side of the Boombox Saints. Right from the start, the vibe of Bringin’ The Boom Back is quite far removed from the first album. It really seems like they want to show diversity with what they were trying to do with the Boombox brand.

The project is all soul samples. It’s entrenched in melodic hip-hop and R&B. It’s has a more jazzy, old-school touch. The beats identify with the emotional feel of the songs, making it a personal but relatable album. Most of the tracks are love songs dealing with heartbreak, romance and infidelity and almost everyone’s been there. But Boombox does switch it up on tracks like ”Bringin’ The Boomback,” an ode to their hip-hop influences, and “Where I’m From”, in which the Saints take you on a ride through their respective hometowns.

Armed with conscious lyrics and a crossover sound The Boombox Saints have what it takes to garner mass appeal with their listener-friendly melodies. Be on the look out and download the EP HERE.

Written by Eric Yensu for HipHopCanada.

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