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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Fashawn and Evidence with HeatWave and Pigeon Hole (Live) [Review/Photos]

Vancouver, B.C. – It was quite a show Monday night, combining a few up-and-comers with some seasoned veterans. Between Fashawn and Evidence, HeatWave and Pigeon Hole, it was a great mix that stayed live all night.

Fashawn and Evidence

HeatWave opened things up along with Fizal Stars and Yoge, with B Morales behind the boards. They put on a tight, energetic set which included several jams off Heat’s latest The Masses Volume 2. Pigeon Hole of Sweatshop Union were next to hit the stage. Their energy and infectious material kept the party going, as they ran through material from their recent mixtape “Age like Astronauts.”

Evidence had the crowd in his control as soon as he stepped to the stage to the banger “Far Left.” From crowd reaction alone it felt as if Evidence was the main event. Fan boys were right in front either reciting every lyric or chanting “Evidence!” whilst the ladies were captivated by his imposing stage presence. It was as if he was hypnotizing the crowd, gazing into each individual’s eyes as he spit his verses with unmatched intensity. The seasoned veteran continued with his potent dose of Real Hip-Hop, performing “Let Yourself Go”, “Chase the Clouds Away” “All Said and Done” from his Weatherman LP, closing with the anthem “Mr.Slow Flow” leading Fashawn into the spotlight.

Fashawn hit the stage immediately starting into fan favourite “Life as a Shorty.” Played to a seemingly ironic positive tune, Fashawn rapped about how he grew up dirt poor, had multiple father figures, and didn’t realize how rough his life was until he started to get older. Being drawn into the performance, the audience got louder and louder.

Keeping the crowd going he would then perform “The Ecology” and “Samsonite Man” from his debut album Boy Meets World. Fashawn interacted with the crowd effortlessly during his set, inviting the audience to fill in the chorus for his own rendition of Nas’ “Represent” before dropping ever-lasting a capella freestyle. To bring an end to an unbelievable show Evidence returned to the stage to perform their ominous collabo “Our Way.”

It appeared as if everyone got more than their money’s worth. The way all the performers rocked the mic it seemed more like the weekend than an early Monday night show. Anybody who wasn’t a fan of the acts already, definitely became one.

Written by Eric Yensu for HipHopCanada.
Photo set by Amalia Judith for HipHopCanada.

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