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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Young Sin – The Short [Review]

Vancouver, B.C. Young Sin’s been taking a break. As described on his website – – due to a baby on the way and husbandly duties he hasn’t been on the mic as much as he would normally like. Fortunately he was able to drop an EP, the aptly titled The Short, just to keep appetites whet and ready for a return. And it definitely does that.

Young Sin

The Short commences like any good day, with the “Beat Off”, an old-school styled up tempo funk banger from Speechless Beats, completely littered with beautiful cuts and scratches while Sin tears across the soundscape for a single verse of pure hip-hop…and this kid’s got flow. In fact, no matter the beat style on this EP Sin stands tall with a confident delivery that manages to avoid cocky arrogance. His voice cuts to tape, and he rides the beats mo’ smooth than a mother with rhymes that are street but not ignorant, and political without preaching.

Throughout the EP, and noticeable on track 2 “Crazy Times,” Sin lets his soul and R&B influences shine through; the production is smooth and funky, evoking some of the smoother golden era producers without sounding stale or bitten. On “All We Got,” a familiar Les McCann sample is employed again (famously used on Dream Warriors’ “California Dream”) but in a new way that makes it still fresh, thanks to some skilled chopping by Rick Hiesz.

At only 6 songs, the longest of which is 2:42, Young Sin has gone the exact opposite way of many of his peers, who all too often offer up 20 plus tracks of repetitive bullshit. Young Sin instead opts for a concise package and he succeeds. No track is too long that you get tired of it, it’s not crowded with guests, and no topic is done to death. The beats, coming from Speechless, Rick Hiesz, D-REC, Moonman and N-Jin, are equally consistent, providing the soulful world for Sins flow to thrive in. Most importantly, after listening to this EP I listened to it again right away.

As a tide-over until the frenzy of new fatherhood allows him to hit the studio with more regularity, Young Sin achieves the perfect goal, to make them want more.  I’ll be waiting for sure: congratulations poppa.

Written by Natch Crumbly for HipHopCanada

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