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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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Winnipeg’s Most – All That I Know [Video]

Winnipeg, MB – These guys are hot off a couple of Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards, and the single “All That I Know” follows the release of their pre-album debut Northside Connection. Stuey Kubrick directed the vid and it is typical of his fluid but edgy style. Check out Winnipeg’s Most after the jump.

Winnipegs most

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  1. Jax

    Definitely a group to watch out for! They are all hard workers and are comin up big and fast

  2. BROMS

    the fact of the matter is, these guys have been grinding hard, making music in peg city for many years, and all the hard work and determination is paying off for the homies….I’m proud to rep the same city!! respect to Heatbag


    yeaaaaa you no whats goood…. there puttin wpg on the map and thats all there is to it…

  4. Amandaa

    The tracks just keep getting better, When I heard Them for the first time in a main stream bar I thought to myself wow, after all these years they’ve really made it. They deserve every ounce of success that comes their way and I’m looking forward to seeing what hits they have coming next. NorthSide For Life.

  5. Charlie Monkman Jr.

    ….can’t wait to see these guys from the Northend of Wpg,Mb. to headline the M.T.S centre…..”NORTHSIDE HEATBAG”!!!

  6. lmrpm

    This band is all I ever hear people talkin bout in da Peg and in western Canada. This band is on fire, burn on boys!

  7. Shnizzle

    peg city doin it bigg

  8. Plex

    Video and song are both dope.

  9. Alan Greyeyes

    We presented them during Aboriginal Music Week last year in Winnipeg and both their performances had capacity crowds and all sorts of fans after them for autographs. Their success is well deserved because they work HARD and help promoters sell tickets.

  10. Trezor204

    Switching gears on the game, winnipegs most is out here showing young aborginals that we can turn a negative into a positive,watch out peeps ;;;;
    Winnipegs most

  11. Zigz

    Winnipeg is definitely gettin it’s shine and deserverd recognition, with Winnipegs Most in the forefront…mad respect from Zigz….

  12. DJ-Sandman-204

    I had the opportunity to share the stage wit these cats for few times *In the boonies & The city shows*, good music, and they from my hood! 204 ALL DAY!

  13. dayna stevenson

    fuucken gorgioous 😉

  14. hustle

    Yeah boii. NortHsiidE 204! These guys from my hood
    Man. NatIVE pride!

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