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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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Legends of the Fame Blazes Trails at Toronto’s Global Marijuana March

Toronto, ON – The thirteenth annual Global Marijuana March took place this Saturday, drawing tens of thousands to Toronto’s hazy festivities at Queen’s Park. Legends of the Fame met up with DJ Soundskan to hit up Canada’s largest session with a QP (Quality Pitch, that is) of the city’s trading cards from the Great Canadian Hip-Hop Card Collection.

Article/Video: Fred E Fame with Legends of the Fame at 2011 Toronto Marijuana March -

Thousands of Toronto’s First and Second Edition packs were put into rotation alongside the myriad of spliffs, bongs and blunts being passed around the park. The mission of the afternoon, of course, was to traffic as many cards as necessary to get the city buzzing on Toronto Hip-Hop. Dozens of local emcees turned out to puff, puff and pass on their support for the cause, with event attendees spotting the likes of Mindbender Supreme, Nyiam, Advent Children and Archduke. DJ Soundskan was on the front line of the march, ready to engage in all-out guerrilla distribution. Despite his reputation of moving the crowd, the Toronto-based deejay actually stopped the crowd as he was mobbed by throngs of marchers wanting to get their hands on their own

The event, which coincided with the city’s Freedom Festival, is a global celebration of cannabis culture. Propelled by a rally to legalize the herb, the peaceful protest of Canada’s unfair pot laws is designed to draw positive attention to the many benefits of marijuana use. The controversy rolled up in the weed debate was sparked further this past month as an Ontario judge dubbed the country’s pot laws unconstitutional following the now-iconic Matt Mernagh case. Now one step closer to the “true North, strong and free” described in the national anthem, Canadians may soon begin adopting Saturday’s “O Cannabis” as a more fitting admonition of allegiance.

Despite a low turnout at polling stations last week, the success of the Global Marijuana March in Toronto is proof that the so-called Screwface Capital isn’t as apathetic as its reputation suggests. It’s unanimous: We Canadians are serious about our kush and our hip-hop, at least by consensus of this weekend’s Legends of the Fame webisode. If you missed the march, peep the footage to get a feel for the buzz, though that may be tough without all the smoke swirling overhead.

Fred E Fame and The 5th Artist Development Agency, powered by, will be travelling across Canada as part of a national photography tour to scout for up and coming legends to feature in future editions of the Great Canadian Hip-Hop Card Collection. For the opportunity to be featured in your city’s card collection as well as perform at the next release party, contact Fred E Fame by telephone at 647·880·6332 or by email at Please include your stage name, age, contact information and city of residence in your correspondence.

Written by Kristen A. Shouli

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