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We caught up with DopePiece to talk about his “DIRTYDOPE” single

We caught up with DopePiece to talk about his “DIRTYDOPE” single

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Al Boogie – Basic Cable [Mixtape]

Halifax, NS – Shout outs to Al Boogie. This is the Basic Cable mixtape by Al Boogie hosted by Plaeboi. Download the mixtape for free after the jump.

Mixtape: Al Boogie - Basic Cable (Hosted by Plaeboi) -

Mixtape: Al Boogie - Basic Cable (Hosted by Plaeboi) -


01 – Basic Cable
02 – The Real
03 – Drug Music Freeverse
04 – We Out Chea
05 – Tears of Pain
06 – Sing It Bitch (ft. Nixx)
07 – Commercial #1 (ft. Plaeboi)
08 – Ground Shake
09 – Lose My Mind
10 – Spaz (ft. Gonzo, D Miller, Nixx, Miracle)
11 – Watch It Go Down
12 – Another One Of Those (Al Boogie, Mick Demon)
13 – Commercial #2 (ft. Plaeboi)
14 – What’chu Eat (ft. Quake)
15 – Nothing’s Gunna Stop Me
16 – Salute Freeverse
17 – My Last Dollar (ft. Nixx)
18 – Commercial #3 (ft. Plaeboi)
19 – Digital Cable

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  1. Darth

    this album is just what NS needs right now. dis nigg holdin it down for real hip hop.

  2. Al Boogie

    my new twitter is @alboogie902. Twitter messed up on my other account. FOLLOW ME!!!!

  3. Aldean

    AL BOOGIE’s NEW TWITTER IS @alboogie902,please follow me on there!!!!

  4. HipHopCanada

    We’ve updated the Twitter account in the post fam!

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