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Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

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C4: Preparation Meets Opportunity For This Producer [Article]

Toronto, ONC4 is sitting alone on the couch of Apollo Studios, fresh off a few beers and a long day of work. The studio is completely silent, only the flicker of C4’s lighter as he sparks a cigarette breaks the quiet. If you know C4, you know this is nothing new for him. Making moves on his own is how he built a name for himself and a reputation for being a do-it-all producer and beat maker.

C4: Preparation Meets Opportunity For This Producer [Article] on

It was about 4 years ago when C4 made the bold decision to leave a secure job in Montreal and follow his dreams to the megacity (Toronto) and pursue his passion for music. He had built a studio in the office of his former company and would have employees come in and just drop some verses.

“It just happened that I was spending more time in my office working on music than I was running the business. I refer to it as that one summer where I just kind of realized I’m going to try to do this to the utmost.”

C4 admits the move wasn’t easy, but the opportunity to do something that he truly believed in gave him the courage to make the move. He realizes obstacles are something that everyone has to deal with constantly. whether it was being in debt $50,000 when he first moved to Canada or recently losing his close friend Bad News Brown to a shooting, C4 chooses to focus on the opportunity rather than any of the inevitable distractions.

“Opportunity,” blurts C4. “The fact I knew that maybe this can happen. Just that small little chance was enough for me to say ‘you know what? Maybe I can go do this in Toronto.’ The excitement here is definitely real, and being here makes me feel like I’m closer to my dreams.”

And what C4 has been able to accomplish since “that one summer” is a testament to his courage. Even with the success of “The C4 Experiment,” (a collection of music that was both an audio and visual experience dwarfing the concept of a conventional mixtape) C4’s accomplishments outside of producing records has been even more astonishing. With clients that include Bell, Infiniti, and The Heart and Stroke Foundation, C4 balances his time between doing campaigns for corporate clients and pumpingout memorable hip-hop music.

“I’m a creative thinker,” he explains. “I’d say I specialize in music production, but I don’t limit myself to any one art. I can make a mean beat the same way I can develop an artist, you know. On the Apollo Studio side I’m doing more and more gigs for advertisers like Adidas. Just finished off four gigs with Derik Rose and Lionel Messy. I do all the McDonalds commercials for Canada, and just trying to get more clients.”

C4’s hard work and creativity has allows him to easily move back and forth between styles and clients. But as he said himself, his backbone will always be making great music. And he is just as excited about his upcoming “Dirty Deeds” project as he is about any kind of corporate campaign.

C4: Preparation Meets Opportunity For This Producer [Article] on

“I’m working on a project called Dirty Deeds, which is a combined band I put together of unlikely, unusual suspects,” he revealed only to “ That’s going to be released under C4 ENT. It’s the second part of The C4 Experiment. I just really wanted to get the back story out, so that should be released this summer.”

Inspiring is probably the word many producers use when describing C4. He laughs now about gettingone commercial every 6 to 8 months, to now just finishing up five commercials in five days.

“Definitely the most grueling project I’ve ever been on,” he admits.

The days of going months without gigs are now behind him. He says he is optimistic about all of the opportunities he’s created for himself. And though he remains humble about his achievements thus far, you can expect a lot more from this self made pioneer.

Written by Kern Carter for HipHopCanada

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  1. Andrew Brance

    That a boy brother… keep shinning

  2. VM

    Super dope.
    This guy has been on his grind successfully. Gotta respect it.

  3. Choyce Kutz

    Nice to see the recognition going to where it is due. The C4 experiment was dope and forward thinking. It’s nice to see someone putting thought into there work and not just putting out every beat they create.

    Congrats C4 keep making things explode.

  4. SAGI


  5. Jakoby

    Watch yourself Canada… This man is the hardest working producer in TO. Big Tings coming your way. Big up C4… R.I.P. BNB, listen to the NL5 tribute producer by the man himself C4:

  6. Dave

    I got myself a copy of the C4 Experiment and it had the tightest production, every track is sick. I heard good things about the Dirty Deeds album… Will be pumping that, cruising, windows down, no doubt!

  7. Zai Toussaint

    C4 is a moniker that is just so self explanatory and Fotting at that! Explosive! within style, thought and work ethic! I took in the C4 experiment and was more than impressed! Dirty deeds I cant wait to listen to that final product! I’ve had the pleasure of sitting at a table with this man and his creativity knows no boundaries, which puts forth the energy to any one who sits with him to always be on their A-Game. This article epitomizes C4 exactly the way it should!!! From one Montreal native to the next! No matter where you are when it comes to this man and his talent he will always have people saying……. Je Me Souviens!

  8. Nicole C

    Congrats C4! Keep up the good work!!
    Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.
    Nicole C

  9. eyeamtheo

    I’ve worked with C4 before and by far one of the anchor’s in the music business in canada. Keep an ear out for this one.

  10. quikk

    Big ups to HHC for profiling one of the hardest working producers in the game. Can’t wait to hear the Dirty Deeds project!

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  12. Karess

    I’m out of laeuge here. Too much brain power on display!

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