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Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

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Legends of the Fame Edition 3: “The Great Canadian Hip-Hop Card Collection” [PSA]

Toronto, ONFred E Fame and the 5th Artist Development Agency is teaming up with HipHopCanada to introduce the nation to Legends of the Fame: The Great Canadian Hip-Hop Card Collection. The innovative trading card series aims to honour those who make up the Canadian hip-hop community, with cards featuring the profiles of emcees, deejays, producers and other prominent players from across the country.

Legends of the Fame Edition 3: The Great Canadian Hip-Hop Card Collection

The story behind The Great Canadian Hip-Hop Card Collection begins in Toronto on January 14th, 2011 with a sold out launch party at Suba Lounge. Over fifty acts performed at the debut release, leaving the club at full capacity with a lineup of people waiting to get in. Over a thousand packs of trading cards were distributed throughout the night, each bearing the face of award-winning DJ Law, whose Signature Card has been auctioned off for a total of $1000 with proceeds benefiting The Remix Project.

Aiming to create awareness of an industry that is alive and well despite a lack of wide-spread recognition, the project honours veterans who helped found the scene, rookies just entering it, and everyone in between. This effectively creates a venue for discussion among participants, and boosts recognition between artists, fans and other key players. Inspired by the layout of the traditional baseball card, the front of each card features an original portrait of the “player”, along with their name and home city. The back highlights artists’ accomplishments in a micro-bio, along with information regarding the “position”, “rookie year”, and genre of the player. The card includes crew affiliations and links to online portals such as YouTube and Twitter. The series aims to recognize rookies as they begin their ascent to widespread recognition, creating something of a cult collectible for hip-hop heads and diehard fans of the future. Project Manager Fred E Fame pledges his full attention to the project, promising “every major Canadian city will have their own pack of cards to represent, trade and collect!”

With the goal of paying homage to Canada’s hip-hop heroes, the exclusive Signature Series honours accomplished musicians for their contributions to the nation’s rich musical legacy. The likeness of the featured artist appears on the face of their city’s trading cards, with their own special edition holographic cards limited in print and often auctioned off for a charity or special cause. The special Memorial Issue Series commemorates the lives of Canadians who have impacted hip-hop history and are no longer with us today, such as Vancouver’s Sazon Diamante and Montreal’s Bad News Brown.

All of Canada is encouraged to take part in this special nation-wide project designed to promote awareness of the nation’s arts and talent. Legends of the Fame will be circulating packs of trading cards across the country at release parties, special events, by mail through special request, via street teams and through independent distributors. Trading cards are also being shipped to the United States, the United Kingdom, parts of Europe and Australia.

To get your hands on a pack of Hip-Hop Trading Cards, check out the upcoming Legends of the Fame launch party. Toronto’s Third Edition honours Special Guest CHOCLAIR, who, as a Canadian hip-hop pioneer, has won multiple awards and recognitions for his vast contributions to the genre. The legendary emcee will be present at Suba Lounge (292 College St.) on June 3 2011 for the Third Edition Launch, which will showcase performances from over fifty artists featured in the pack. Doors at 6pm, show ends at 3am. The event is all-ages from 6pm to 10pm – Tickets sold in advance and are in limited supply.

Fred E Fame and The 5th Artist Development Agency, powered by, will be traveling across Canada as part of a national photography tour to scout for up and coming legends to feature in future editions of the Great Canadian Hip Hop Card Collection. For the opportunity to be featured in your city’s card collection as well as perform at the next release party, contact Fred E Fame by telephone at (647) 880·6332 or by email at Please include your stage name, age, contact information and city of residence in your correspondence.

Written by Kristen A. Shouli

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