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Classified’s 2013 self-titled album is now certified Platinum in Canada

Classified’s 2013 self-titled album is now certified Platinum in Canada

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Real City joins the Great Canadian Hip-Hop Card Collection at the 1st Annual Montreal Hip-Hop Summit [Review]

Montreal, QC Legends Of The Fame took to the road this weekend for the First Annual Montreal Hip-Hop Summit. The two-part evening, which took place on Saturday June 11, consisted of a Roundtable Symposium and a Community Hip-Hop Summit Event, featuring performances from local artists as well as the unveiling of a fan-voted Wall of Fame. Legends of the Fame hit up the event as part of its cross-country tour to present Real City with a very special Memorial Issue trading card from the Great Canadian Hip-Hop Card Collection.

Real City joins the Great Canadian Hip-Hop Card Collection at the 1st Annual Montreal Hip-Hop Summit [Review] -

As the first-ever city-wide event of its kind, the Summit was founded upon the concept of unifying the Montreal music scene, while addressing some of the problems plaguing the culture within the past decade and identifying the vehicles which will allow the scene to progress. The night concluded with a lecture by special guest speaker Brother Nuri Muhammad (Indianapolis, IN.). As a student and representative of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Brother Nuri empowered Summit attendees with knowledge of the power of words in the context of hip-hop.

The Roundtable Symposium, hosted by Dice B and Keithy Antoine, set the tone for the event with valuable messages shared by some of Montreal’s most respected figures. The panel, comprised of a group with very diverse backgrounds, offered their own insight on crucial topics such as Henry-François Gelot’s advice on “Structuring your team with a solid plan of action” and Reverend Darryl G. Gray’s message on “Montreal hip-hop, [and] taking responsibility to change our community”. Legends of the Fame’s own Fred E Fame spoke on the topic of “[the] Importance of honouring Canadian hip-hop”, officially introducing Montreal for the first time to The Great Canadian Hip-Hop Card Collection.

Roundtable moderator Dice B was honoured with a Lifetime Hip-Hop Achievement Award, along with laureates Mike Mission & Ken Dawg of Masters at Work and the legendary DJ Butcher T. The Wall of Fame, nominated by merit of “The People’s Choice”, was presented at the event to recognize Montreal’s bevy of hard-working talent for their many accomplishments. The Top Ten figures were immortalized for their contributions to the province’s rich musical legacy and career achievements, including pioneering groups Shades of Culture, Dubmatique, Sans Pression, Muzion, Rainmen, renowned turntablist DJ A-Trak, and artists Yvon Krevé, Empire ISIS, Magnum and Mugz.

The Summit was made possible by CKUT 90.3FM, The Community Contact Newspaper,, Realcity TV, Escape MTL, MONTREALITY,, Reverend Darryl G. Gray, the Muhammad Study Group of Montreal and The Millions More Movement. Held at Trinity Memorial Church Hall in N.D.G., the evening included a Bad News Brown tribute segment, with a special performance of “Standing Alone” by Montreal recording artist F.R.O.S.T. Attendees learned of the Bad News Brown Foundation, a truly life changing organization dedicated to helping underprivileged youth shine by providing resources such as musical instruments and recording time. The Bad News Brown Memorial Issue trading card, presented by Fred E Fame to the iconic harmonicist’s manager and friend, Henry-François Gelot as well as long-time friend and on-stage partner, DJ Crook, marks the first-ever Montreal addition to the Great Canadian Hip-Hop Card Collection.

Legends of the Fame is pleased to present Real City with the upcoming launch of the newest addition to the collection. Montreal’s First Edition will honour iconic musician Bad News Brown on the face of every pack, symbolic of the legend’s ubiquitous presence within the city. Other notable legends who have already joined the collection include Montreal’s Godfather of hip-hop DJ Butcher T, as well as dozens of MTL’s hottest artists including M’city Solo, F.R.O.S.T, boy6lue and Milli Millz, among many more.

Of course, the night would not be complete without some good, old-fashioned promotional flooding. The Legends of the Fame team took to the streets of downtown Montreal to pass out packs of Toronto’s Third Edition trading cards. With the goal of bridging the distances between Canada’s various scenes, the Great Canadian Hip-Hop Card Collection is dedicated to introducing each and every province to their neighbour’s talent. Reception to the project was overwhelming, leaving Legends of the Fame no choice but to hook up a Montreal Edition, stat.

Real City joins the Great Canadian Hip-Hop Card Collection at the 1st Annual Montreal Hip-Hop Summit [Review] -

Written by Kristen A. Shouli

Fred E Fame and Legends of the Fame, sponsored by, will be travelling across the nation as part of a cross-country tour to photograph Canadian Legends to feature in future editions of the Great Canadian Hip-Hop Card Collection. If you or someone you know should be included in the collection, contact Fred E Fame by telephone at (647) 880·6332 or by email at Please include stage name, age, contact information and city of residence in your correspondence.

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