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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Edmonton Examiner features young MCs T.O.A. (The Over Achievers) [Article]

Edmonton, AB – As a kid watching rap videos on TV in Sudan, Muta Mouraine wanted nothing more than to grow up and be a hip-hop star. At age 17, Mouraine’s dream is already coming true. Mouraine and his two brothers,15-year-old Namso and 13-year-old Moto, will release their first rap video Friday for “Freak My Style,” a track by their aptly named hip-hop group T.O.A. (The Over Achievers).

The teen and his family moved to Edmonton in 2005 to escape civil war and find a better education. He and his brothers found an unlikely door into the rap world at the Hope Mission’s Tegler Youth Centre, where they joined a hip-hop club run by successful local emcees The Joe, Mikey Maybe and Jonek.

Spotlight on T.O.A. (The Over Achievers) by Edmonton Examiner -

“They helped us improve our flows, (taught us) what you need to do to rap, how to go over your writing, stuff like that,” Mouraine says.

Still refining their English skills at the time, the young trio also used rapping to improve their literacy.

“In a lot of ways it did. Just the fact that you have to be careful with your vocabulary,” he says. “Some rap, you break (grammar) rules, but when I rap I don’t do that.”

Mouraine sticks with positive themes in his rhymes, while still having fun and expressing his feelings.

For example, the T.O.A. song Sudan’s Story tells of their mom’s struggle raising five kids without a father in the conflict-ridden African nation.

The group is already blowing minds across the city, playing more than 70 shows, getting airplay on CJSR, CBC Radio and Bounce 91.7 FM, and recently winning the 2011 Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers’ Youth Achievement Award.

Marlon Wilson of long-running local rap group Politic Live has spent a lot of time around T.O.A., as the two groups have collaborated and fellow Politic Live member Dirt Gritie manages the trio.

Wilson says he has already seen a huge growth in T.O.A.’s skills as performers.

“They understand the importance of having stage presence, they understand the importance of connecting with an audience, they understand the importance of writing a song – and not just writing for the sake of entertainment, but also writing for the sake of connecting people,” Wilson says.

T.O.A. is working on its first full-length album, to follow up the TOA 2010 Summer Sampler EP.

In the meantime, Mouraine is paying forward the help he’s received from other local rappers.

The teen holds songwriting workshops at St. Catherine school, where he helps other English as a Second Language (ESL) students develop their literacy skills by writing rap songs.

“I was an ESL student once, so I know what the kids feel,” he says. “It’s just something positive.”

The Friday night release show for the Freak My Style video – featuring cameos by The Joe and Mikey Maybe – will be held at Avenue Theatre, 9030 118 Ave.

You can also catch T.O.A. tonight as part of the Global Youth Assembly at the John Humphrey Centre (7723 85 St.) and at the Cariwest Carribean Arts Festival next month.

To hear T.O.A., visit

Source: Edmonton Examiner
By: Kevin Maimann (Examiner Staff)

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  1. Arlo Maverick

    Great article Kevin. Huge shout out to HHC for posting this. #TOANATION

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    #TOAnation all day everyday

  3. The ONE!

    TOA the Greatest <3

  4. avian

    T.O.A is a very talented group and their starting to get recognized for their hard work and dedication and their strong will to get better. their young and their gaining respect and publisity in the music industry. look out for them.

  5. emm cee

    BIG UUUP ! m’niggas <3

  6. hassan

    yes toa taking over 2012 !!

  7. Chris D-swagg amisi

    Shout to my boys in T.O.A i knew ya since we were in elementary but everybody had doubt u guys will never take it the far but look at chu guys now. im pride of ya hopefully your family is pround because with hard work results pay off
    so lets take over edmonton canada and the world because TOA is doing there thang D-swagg is right behing ya and Fuck haters

  8. avian

    T.O.A is gonna be at the top with the way their going. their getting noticed by a lot of people and their music is fresh and orginal.

  9. Alfred dihno

    TOA Nation till the death of me!!!!!

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    Good job TOA , I’m very proud of you guys ,& I know you guys will go far , keep your heads up n don’t forget about me wen ur rich n famous lol luv sashey !!

  12. Sashey Heavenly

    Great job TOA I’m very proud of you guys , I know you’ll go far n never give up n don’t forget about me wen you guys r rich n famous ight lol

  13. Magnifique

    I am proud for u guys,its cool that y,all brothers good reunion!young, fresh ,like ur swag and u still have so much time to learn about the music business hope someone out there sign a record deal with y,all .Keep up and good luck!

  14. KayEm

    good job boys , youre gunna go far, its just the begining!

  15. B N G

    Known these boys for a few years now…They are AMAZING!!! So much love for their family and commitment to their music! Y’all got this!!

  16. Light It Up Radio

    Great article, amazing boys, bright future.

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