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Til’ The Wheels Fall Off: Halifax’s Rude Dowg enlists Knotez, Miracle & R

Til’ The Wheels Fall Off: Halifax’s Rude Dowg enlists Knotez, Miracle & R

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The HeatWave Classic Builds Community in East Van (Live Review) [Photos]

Vancouver, B.C. -The third annual HeatWave Classic went off without a hitch this past Saturday and it had something for the whole family. With summer finally arriving in Vancouver, it was the perfect day for the event, and a huge part of the Vancouver hip-hop community came out to support HeatWave in his efforts to give our youth a fun and positive day.

HeatWave Classic

For the third year in a row, the event was hosted at the Britannia Community Centre in East Vancouver, and party took place right outside on the basketball court. With Killawatt Records CEO Red1 on the grill, there were free hot dogs and hamburgers for everyone, along with a ton of other free snacks. Everyone had smiles on their faces as they, mingled, watched a great free concert, ate great free food and gave back to our city.


With the sun shining, and as the attendees started coming in, the day began with a youth basketball tournament. The kids were not only playing for pride amongst their peers, but as well as for awesome prize packs with tons of goodies from the event’s various sponsors. After handing out prize packages to the winning teams, the concert portion of the event began. DJ Flipout was the host of the concert, and his casual coolness set the tone for the line up.

First up of the hometown performers was Tre Nyce, who did two songs from his upcoming EP including the first single “Be Nyce”. Recovering from a torn Achilles tendon, Tre Nyce wasn’t his usual jumpy self, but provided CD-quality voice control and pitch-perfect harmonizing. He made sure to shout out HeatWave for his commendable efforts, and ended his set with a very thoughtful and heartfelt poem.

HW Classic

Next up was newcomer Kai Skywalker, who performed a couple of tracks from his upcoming mixtape Law of Attraction; with a cool swagger and quick-witted jokes, Kai’s performance was fun to watch. The young talented group The Iguanas then took the stage as well as the attention of everyone there. The group – consisting of boys aged 10-15 – performed mostly original songs and all played their instruments well; they are certainly setting the precedence for young performers all over Vancouver.

Last to perform was the host of the event, HeatWave, who was joined on stage by his live band, the Vandetta$ and fellow Killawatt Records rapper Joose. They performed three songs including the very catchy “The L.O.” and ended the set with “Till I’m Gone”. The performance was full of energy and charisma, and the amazing talents of the Vandetta$ were impossible to ignore, including guitarist Allen Rodger, who at some points stole the show with his intricate rifting.

HW Classic

There aren’t many events around the city that are geared towards the children of Vancouver, especially ones that are completely free. HeatWave is setting a great example of someone taking advantage of his or her leadership role in the right way. He coordinated a great, family fun event that left the attendees with good feelings, and the city is grateful for it.

HeatWave would like to thank a few of his sponsors and colleagues who helped make this event possible, including Andrea Dobbs, David Katz, Nick and Grace from Seasons Catering and Richard Portiz from the Real Basketball League. Slingers, Reign City, Killawatt Records, Exchange Energy, Britannia, Dipt, Matix, Universal, Mental Wealth, Welcome to Eastvan, and Sharks and Hammers also deserve credit for their support, as do Erika Kenning and all of the volunteer staff.

The Winning Teams:

HW Classic

HW Classic

HW CLassic

Written by Christina Parihar for HipHopCanada
Photography by Jamie Sands for HipHopCanada

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  1. Andrea Dobbs

    Thanks for coming out! It was a really great day. Just a “note to the editor”…Iguana performed 4 songs, three of which were original works written and performed by the band members. The fourth song was an encore performance and was an adlibbed version of Basket Ball Jones! We’re looking forward to next year and have begun planning already.

  2. Alison Richards

    I was walking my dog and came by for a closer look. Ended up staying for a few hours. Thanks for a fun day! What a great example of giving back to the community. Congratulations on a job well done!

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