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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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Eliza “Right Now Remix Contest” Winner Announced [Contest]

Eliza and HipHopCanada would like to extend a HUGE thank you to all of the producers who took part in the Right Now Remix Contest. There were a ton of submissions but there can of course only be one winner… and the winning entry comes from Cambridge, UK courtesy of Alex Buttigieg of Oddboy Productions.

As part of the winning prize, Alex’s submission is now going to be considered the official remix to Eliza’s “Right Now” single which features fellow-Vancouver artist, Snak The Ripper. As such, it will be featured on Eliza’s forthcoming album debut Born Knowing which will be out later this year. You can listen to the winning entry after the jump link.

Eliza - Right Now Remix Contest Winner Announced on

The Winner

Submitted by Alex “Oddboy” Buttigieg ( Facebook | MySpace )

The Original

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About Eliza

It is often told that the greatest artists and most celebrated works of music are spawned from emotionally draining life experiences and personal sorrows. For the lucky ones, music becomes a therapeutic release that can heal the soul and move life forward. Music becomes life. See, there are those who enjoy music, and then there are those who have it flowing through their blood. West coast artist Eliza Smith is one of those people and the sultry singer/MC is quickly becoming one of the hottest hip-hop and R&B phenomena in Canada. With over 500 live performances under her belt and a brand new single called “Right Now” hitting the airwaves – including Vancouver’s The Beat94.5FM – her industry peers are taking notice and her fan base is growing steadily.

Her story is now beginning to be heard but it doesn’t start here. The young Vancouver-based talent didn’t have the easiest time growing up and has been faced with some incredibly trying situations over the years – through music she has overcome hardships and channeled her anguish through her songs. She draws inspiration from events in her own life and those close to her.

Eliza might be a fresh face to some; however, she’s anything but new to the game. She’s been singing since she was five years-old and began performing and writing her own lyrics at the age of fourteen. She has long considered herself a student of music and she continues to empower her vocal range and sound. While music became a fairly large part of Eliza’s daily routine, it would almost come to define her when she was eighteen. She was suddenly faced with the senseless murder of her brother and best friend who had been attacked without provocation at a house party.

Up until that point, her brother had always inspired her musically and had been her biggest supporter. Eliza was devastated by her brother’s loss and almost considered turning her back on music altogether. After many trials and tribulations, she regained her spirit and would once again look to her brother as her biggest inspiration to continue on. Eliza decided to pursue the career she was born knowing she was destined for; the same career her brother had urged her to pursue.

To coincide with her perseverance to be heard and succeed, the soulful songstress focused her efforts to honour her brother’s memory by forming a non-profit organization called the Ride Free Community Association. Through Ride Free, Eliza has put on seven benefit concerts in a span of three years to raise money to build a skate park on Gabriola Island, British Columbia – a place she had spent a lot of time on growing up with her brother who had been an avid skateboarder and freestyle bicyclist. The skate park would provide young locals a place to skate without being forced to leave the island, exposing themselves to the dangers and shortcomings of a larger city.

In a short span of time, Eliza, or Miss Smith to some, has taken the steps to propel her career forward. She recently toured Asia and has performed various North American gigs including opening for Wu-Tang’s Raekwon and Juno award-winning singer Jully Black, to name a few. She’s had various radio features including “Best of BC” on Virgin Radio and regular spins for her previous single “Wanna Be Bad.” Her latest single is “Right Now” featuring Vancouver rapper Snak The Ripper and a video for the song is currently in the works. Radio stations across Canada are beginning to pick up the record and Eliza’s buzz online is noticeably expanding. All progress aside, challenges and hardships in life can still come charging in without a moment’s notice.

Upon returning from touring Asia this past spring, Eliza was once again faced with devastation as her father was injured at work and would eventually succumb from his injuries. Eliza was once again heartbroken. Fueled by the drive brought on by her brother’s untimely passing, she encompassed the pain from losing her father into the same motivation to succeed that her brother continues to give her. The loss of family is never easy but Eliza keeps going. She knows now she has two guardian angels guiding her as she enters a new chapter of her life.

Born Knowing will be Eliza’s album debut and it will be released late August in honor of her fallen brother, and now father. As a testament to her dedication to their memory, Eliza will be donating the project’s proceeds to Ride Free. Aside from the music video for “Right Now,” she is preparing for the release of a new single and a string of live performances in various cities across the West coast.

If you’ve been unfamiliar, now is the time to start keeping an eye on Eliza as she takes the necessary steps to realize her dreams – for herself, for her family and most importantly, her guardian angels.

For more information check out and follow her on Twitter @ElizaSmithMusic.

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