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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Sese Hopes For Another Nightmare With Y.F.R.W.N. 2 [Article]

St. Catherines, ON – Your Favorite Rapper’s Worst Nightmare is a bold statement. It can also come off more than a little corny if the rapper in question isn’t actually a nightmare on beats. You can’t call yourself the bad guy if you don’t instill fear. You can’t unmercifully jack beats if you’re going to rap lame. I mean, you could, but no one would care. And more importantly, no one will give you a second look. And with #YFRWN2 due August 16th, a second look is exactly what Sese’s going for. So lucky for him, he doesn’t rap lame, does instill fear and is decidedly anti-industry. So fuck it.

Sese Hopes For Another Nightmare With #YFRWN2 [Article] -

Sese released #YFRWN in 2010 after 11 weeks of simple, yet effective performance style videos and made a sizeable splash (to date those 11 videos total over 600,00 views). A year later, he’s continued the visual viral strategy with recent videos “Smokin Loud,” “Most High,” “60 Bar Massacre” and “Liquid N.E.S.” According to Sese, the more coverage and respect he gets on one side of the coin for his consistency, the more negative comments wind up flying his way on the other side of it. Not that it matters. He speaks in defiant tones when talking about his detractors, specifically those “die-hard Tyler The Creator fans” who recently took aim at Sese for his cover of the widely popular “Yonkers.”

“I don’t feel like there’s a beat that’s off limits,” says Sese. “If I want to rock a damn beat, I’ma do it. And they can all suck my dick.”

Sese also notably jacked a Boi-1da beat originally recorded by Belly called “What A World.” After he Googled the song and found a DJ pack, he not only recorded a dub, but just like “Yonkers,” he shot a viral video for it. To this date, the original version from Belly carries 15,000 views on YouTube, while Sese’s edges it out with 20,000.

“My goal is to make sure no one keeps up with me and make people as mad as possible,” says Sese. “I can feel a lot of animosity from a lot of rappers because they know I’m working and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.” (Belly failed to return emails from HipHopCanada requesting a comment on Sese and/or his cover of “What A World.”)

It’s been an eventful year since the first #YFRWN. dropped for Sese. Most notably, he appeared several times on MuchMusic’s RapCity battling Junia T, an experience Sese appreciates but doesn’t put too much weight on. Sese stopped Junia T’s string of victories in the “hash tag freestyle battle” that happens every week on the hip hop talk show, but a rematch ensued the following week because Sese did not use all of the provided words in his freestyle. The following week, Junia T didn’t use all the words either, but was still voted the winner by the judges. There was consfusion as to how the same thing could happen two weeks in a row without anyone noticing. Sese says the producers proposed a pre-taped, outdoor tie breaker with the winner appearing the third week live against a new competitor. Sese respectfully declined.

“It was pretty insane,” says Sese. “And I was like let Junia go on because I’m not really into this. I got my little exposure and ran out the back door. It was a good opportunity but I didn’t want to get confused as a battle MC. Regardless of whether I can do it or not, it’s not something I want to pursue. I’d rather stay in my lane and go at a fast pace than switch lanes at a low speed.”

But what exactly is Sese’s lane? Where does he fit and what makes him someone you should listen to?

“What sets Sese apart is the hunger in his voice,” says Sunny Diamonds, owner of Diamond Factory Studios who mixed #YFRWN2. “Especially on tracks like ‘Now Or Never’ featuring JRDN you can hear the truth and hunger in his voice. Sese is very clever and funny too and that shows in his tracks. A lot of rappers forget to have fun while they’re doing music and I think he’s going to bring that back.”

Even Maestro Fresh Wes took notice of Sese’s tireless work ethic earlier this year after catching his video for “60 Bar Massacre.”

“I told Sese when I saw his ’60 Bar Chainsaw Massacre’ video, he went in,” admits Maestro. “No half steppin’ either. He had a concept and went all the way. It’s a fine line between something working and something not working and it reminded me of me in the black tux, cumber band and bow tie. I went in and when you’re confident it can work because if you’re not 100% sure you’ll look wack. So he’s brave and I respect that. His name is Sese and he makes a movie every week.”

Unfortunately, that particular movie sent Sese to the hospital and meant a summer’s worth of physio after he cut a tendon in his hand. While shooting the video in an abandoned warehouse, Sese reached down to grab the machete he’d been wielding all day. This time however, he reached too far down and gripped the actual blade instead of the handle, severing tendons in his fingers. He’s spent the last few months in and out of a cast while his hand heals. The fact he cut himself on the set of a video called “60 Bar Chainsaw Massacre” is enough irony for laugh or two and the humour isn’t lost on Sese. He laughs it off, adding his regret for injuring his “dick beating hand.” I told you he didn’t give a fuck.

As his hand continues to heal, he and DJ Gutta (who hosts #YFRWN2) get ready to release his sixth full length project in four years. And in preparing the sequel, Sese took note of some of the criticisms of volume one.

“More so last time I was concerned with killing rappers and bars and going hard on everything,” says Sese. “The feedback I got was it was good but there wasn’t much mainstream content and some of the records didn’t sound like full records. On this one, every song feels like a full record because I took more of an album approach.”

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