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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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Grieves and Budo in Vancouver (Live) [Review]

Vancouver, B.C. – One of Rhymesayer’s most recent and probably youngest members, Grieves, graced the stage at Vancouver’s Biltmore Cabaret last Friday night. Touring with his producer and long time friend Budo to promote their new album Together/Apart, this was the duo’s first time headlining in Vancouver. They came through only months ago as an opening act on Atmosphere’s Family Vacation Tour and they must have made an impression cause the club was packed by 9 pm.


One of the opening acts dropped out unexpectedly so Minneapolis MC The Prof stepped up and rocked his set right off the bat. By 8:30 the Biltmore was live and the floor packed, a feat rarely achieved at any Vancouver rap show. The Prof has a style all his own, and shy this guy is not. Definitely a showman, The Prof is an animal on the mic running around the stage and giving off endless energy. His name seems questionable at times, seeming more like a frat boy than an academic, but if you really listen to what The Prof is spittin’ you’ll hear clever, sharp, funny lines. He balances a party vibe surprisingly well with thought-provoking rhymes. And by the time he kicked his last song, “Yeah Buddy”, which has a chorus that goes – yeah you guessed it – “YEEEAAAHH BUUDDYYY!”, that crowd was loving it and was really feeling his unique style.

By 9pm Grieves and Budo took to the stage. This was a triumphant return for Grieves, headlining the city. Evidently he’s made an impression with his previous visits as his fanbase was in full effect: all the early 20-somethings that packed the house were front and center rhyming along word for word with the MC. The young MC has many days of touring under his belt and it shows – he rocked his set like a seasoned pro. Remaining fun and interactive with his fans, he killed each track with casual ease and Budo’s lively beats: his near-2–hour set stayed hype throughout.When the duo played their much-acclaimed song “Bloody Poetry,” Budo pulled out a trumpet from his bag of tricks and played along; he later added live guitar, tambourine and keys to his live act. The two artists worked closely on their album Together/Apart, and their chemistry on stage is undeniable. That chemistry spilled into the crowd and intimate moments were created when the lights went down and the crowd provided a nice, steady soul clap for Grieves to rhyme to during the bluesy track “Lightspeed”. That clap along continued for much of the set.

All in all, for a skrawny young white kid, dude held down a hell of a set and came off like a veteran. Looks like his days of opening up for other headliners may be over.

Written by Jesse Furnell for HipHopCanada
Photograph by Suntana Craigen for HipHopCanada

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