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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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F-YOU: Forgiveness Project. September 24th, 2011 [Event]

Toronto, ON – The fourth edition in an acclaimed series, F-YOU: Forgiveness Project is taking place on September 24th, 2011 at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Check out a full feature on the Forgiveness Project in Manifesto’s Annual Guide online:

To forgive: to cease to blame or hold resentment against (someone or something).

A panel of six people, a mix of race, age and gender, speaking about a time in their lives they had to for give either themselves or another, F-YOU is an inviting, tell-all event that aligns personal growth with self-improvement. This event has the potential to impact our community and young adults by way of real- life portrayals of hardships, and over coming barriers that at one point seemed insurmountable. Hearing first-hand trials and tribulations from people just like us can open the door to motivate and inspire us to do better, to be better, and most importantly, feel better.

We at the F-You Project share a desire to see more unity and confidence among our generation.. In a world filled with anger and resentment, it becomes easy to harden our hearts to the idea of letting go. Forgiveness is not permission, or predisposed justification – it is the release of detrimental feelings, thoughts and emotions that can consume us. F-You is a multifaceted organization which includes panel-based community events, a T-shirt line and a collection of journals. The panel is an impassioned and inspiring event, featuring speakers who have overstepped the line between being a victim and being a survivor in the face of their own internal adversities. A true showcase of strength and inner character, F-You will reveal how forgiveness is the power to heal yourself and others by resisting blame and granting pardon to those who

have wronged us. With guest speakers from every walk of life, including the ever-testing entertainment industry, F-You will encourage and empower all of us to let go… for no one other than ourselves.

For more information:

Hosted by: Tona

Not your average master of ceremony or MC, Tona, armed with an in depth understanding of the power and the complexity of words, and a love of Hip hop, has developed his own creative niche through aboriginal and versatile demonstrations in an era where the true art of Hip hop seems to have been lost. Tona reminds the listener of the era where Hip hop was authentic, as he incorporates his own life experiences through rhymes. This appreciation for hip hop culture and life makes him the perfect host for the Forgiveness Project.

Words and stories of Forgiveness from:

Saukrates (Internationally acclaimed hiphop artist)

Bryan Espiritu (Designer, Legends League)

Ian Andre Espinet (Nightlife expert)

DJ Miss Kittie (Popular house music DJ)

JaneFrFinch (Hiphop artist, social worker)

Katrina Lopes (Shawn Desman’s manager)

Joel Witton (Life Coach)

Spoken word performance from:




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