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Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

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Canadian government reintroduces copyright law [News]

Ottawa, ON – Get your Rihanna impersonations ready – the Conservative government is moving to pass new copyright legislation that would allow you to dance, sing and upload your heart away without the threat of legal action.

The Tories reintroduced copyright legislation Thursday that spells out what can and can’t be done with copyrighted songs, movies, e-books and video games.

News: Canadian government takes second stab at copyright laws -

The bill is a carbon copy of legislation that died when the last session of Parliament ended in the spring and Heritage Minister James Minister expects the bill to make its way through the House by Christmas.

The bill, aimed at striking a balance between the interests of copyright holders and consumers, seeks to legalize common consumer habits like copying music from a CD to an MP3 player. It will also allow people to sing copyrighted songs and post them online, an act previously deemed copyright infringement.

But the legislation contains a provision against sharing encoded items like e-books, even if it is done for personal use.

“Creators have a right to protect their property with digital locks and digital protection measures,” Moore said.

Breaking a digital lock is considered piracy and will continue to be prohibited by law.

NDP technology critic Charlie Angus called the bill “dumb copyright.”

“The government is looking to try and find a balance, but they haven’t found it yet,” said Angus. “They’re saying, ‘As long as a corporation puts on a digital lock and prevents you from accessing something you purchased or something you need to use in school, then too bad.’ That’s not balance.”

Copyright legislation in Canada hasn’t been substantially changed since 1997 – well before the first iPod hit the market.

By: Kristy Kirkup, Parliamentary Bureau



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