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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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4 & a Half Minutes with Odd Future [Tag Team]

Check out the latest from our ‘Tag Team’ interview series brought to you by Canada’s West Coast Editorial team. This time we’ve linked up with Odd Future.

Vancouver, B.C.Odd Future is one of the youngest and light-heardedly controversial crews around: we’re still not sure whether they’re hip-hop or punk, and their lyrics will make your jaw drop in admiration and disgust alike. When we here at HipHopCanada West heard that Tyler the Creator and his Wolf Gang were coming to town, our journalistic minds got a hard-on. We were granted an interview with the laid-back and smooth-styled Mike G, one of the newer members of Odd Future – who is almost certainly one of the most understated. Mike G’s music has a hint of island vibe and his flow is classic – if you shut your eyes you’d swear you were listening to one of the O.Gs. But with his slight frame, dark shades and baby face, he’s West Coast wonderful through and through.

Mike G

OFWGKTA’s publicist – a frequent object of the crew’s twitter teasing – took us down to the Vancouver Vogue’s spacious green room, where our tag team duo of sassy and inquisitive females made ourselves at home during the Odd crew’s pre-show chill time. Mike G pulled up a chair next to HHC’s Kassandra Guagliardi, while the rest of the crew lounged on the floor and across the couches, ignoring the baseball game on the background big screen. Contrary to what we’d seen in the media, all the Odd Futures were rather lovely, and surprisingly relaxed – although The Creator seemed unable to stay in the same spot for more than about 30 seconds at a time.

Mike G

Mike G – barely legal at 20 years old – is still finding his feet in the Wolf Gang: “I was a fan of these guys before they let me around them,” he explains, “We started hanging out and started making music and I’m still observing.” Just the fourth stop of their extensive North American tour, Mike G has already had an adventure or two, predictably related to smoking extensive amounts of weed. He relayed to us his favorite moment of the tour so far, during which “there was so much smoke. Its was outrageous. We boxed the whole van. I’m still high.”

Mike G

While the young swagger tour sounds like fun, one can imagine the dynamics of travelling the country with several young men. However when it comes to roles in the crew, Mike is not convinced that there are any set ones; of course it’s easy to see Tyler as the rowdy one, but Mike asserts that “There are no roles, really.” He explains that “it’s just a bunch of personalities building a group.” That may or may not be true, but the affect of their music implies that each piece of the puzzle has a distinct function in the somewhat alchemical effects of Odd Future.

Even as solo artists, each member’s output is impressive as well: two albums in, Mike G is working on his third which he was a little close-mouthed on: he says guardedly that “ I will most likely release it next year.” He continues the opaque front in explaining that “I’m not working on it now during tour, I’m too distracted but it’ll be coming out soon. I’d rather not say too much, I will let the music speak for itself.”


All the while that Kassandra was interviewing Mike G, part two of the tag team – Amalia – was trolling the room to observe the young prodigies up close. Tyler was approachable enough, but was not doing any press. Wishing to respect that preference, it would have been inappropriate for HHC to cross that boundary. The only question we dared ask was why he wasn’t doing press, and the answer came back as from the mouth of a pre-teen: “I don’t like answering questions. I don’t like it when my teachers ask me questions, I don’t even like it when my mom asks me questions.” Predictably rebellious, the Creator also claimed to hate having his photo taken but freely posed for our cameras. He moved on to talk about how much he hates twitter which, we reminded him, is really his bread and butter. Then, with the attention span of a kitten, the charismatic leader stopped his moaning and groaning long enough to take a picture of Amalia’s feline hand tattoos…”I love kitties!” he said as he pulled his camera out.

Tyler the Creator

Meanwhile back on the couch, Kassandra asked Mike G his last question: thick girls or thin? Somewhat sheepishly, he admitted to preferring the thin girls: “I mean, it’s just a preference. It’s all good though.” Being admittedly thick, our gruesome twosome thought that was a good place to exit as quickly as we’d entered: we had our information, we had our photos, and we’d had our Odd experience. Four and a half minutes that we’ll giggle about for some time to come.

Tyler the Creator

Written by Kassandra Guagliardi @kasskills and Amalia Judith @amaliajude for HipHopCanada
Photography by Amalia Judith for HipHopCanada

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