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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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Notes To Self – Nobody ft. Evidence [Video]

Toronto, ON – Now this is an interesting video! Notes To Self gives us the visuals for “Nobody With Evidence” in a familiar way, but with a new twist. Directed by JR of Motioneer, edited by Motioneer with VFX by The Farm Team, they take classic videos from rappers like Big Pun and N.W.A. and morph their performances to lip sync the words to this actual song. Cool to watch. This is their second single off Used to Dark (Recoil).. Click the jump link to check it out.

Video: Notes to self - Nobody ft. Evidence -

Edited by Motioneer
VFX by The Farm Team [Kyle SIm, Mike MacInnis, JR]
From the forthcoming Notes to Self project Used to be Dark [RECOIL]

More about Nobody

For more from Notes To Self visit their official site

Remember back back in the day when you had that 1 Homie who would video tape & record every rap video on TV, or every rap show on the radio? Used to go over to the crib and bug out over new sh*t, even if he only caught the last half of the joint, y’all would still go crazy over it right?

Fast forward 15 years, the Homie has a box of 30 or so VHS cassette tapes sittin dusty in a drawer with names like “Rap City”, “Summer Jam”, “The Box”, “In Da Round” scrolled on the side of’em in some youthful hand-styles fit for a wall or two – and you’re like, I need to watch these, take you back, rappin along with every word like it was yesterday. But you ain’t mad raps evolved, cus you fu*k with the new sh*t, cus back then “this was the new shit”.

Maybe that same Homie back back in the day, meticulously catches the last 50 seconds of that new Jeru joint, making Moms change the channel quick fast in order to record it, cus Rap City is on. Leaving you wondering how Prem does it, making them sound so good right, and saying to yourself “I wanna rap like them”.

Twitter: @NNNNNotestoSelf

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