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Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

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The Wu-T.(O.)ang Connection [Blog/News]

Toronto, ON – Anyone heard the hums of killer bees in Toronto lately? I swear there’s more yellow cabs than ever before too. I feel like I’m in one of those yellow pages commercials where everything is black and white, except for one thing that’s bright, neon yellow. Maybe I’m delusional. Or maybe there’s just a heightened Wu-Tang presence in my city lately. Am I wrong? Or is Canada, by way of Toronto, developing an interesting relationship with Wu-Tang Clan? I ask this question on this particular day for a reason. Tomorrow, Raekwon’s label Ice H20 officially launches it’s Toronto arm and officially announces JD Era as their new artist at an invite only event in Toronto. According to several industry sources, Camoflauge is also in talks with Ice H20, however it is not known whether this event will include any official announcement.

Tomorrow’s launch party follows Raekwon’s guest appearance with JD Era on the Manifesto main stage this past August. It also comes after an online video of Raekwon and Scarborough MC, Gangis Khan aka Camoflauge popped up on YouTube in June. So there’s that…

And it was only a month or so ago Toronto’s Kool Haus turned into a hot box when the Smoker’s Club Tour came through Toronto and Method Man gave the city a night to remember. Click the jump for the rest of the article…He was received with open arms (literally when it came time to crowd surf) by a diverse Toronto crowd who sang many of his classics word for word. Method Man in Toronto is a lock. That you can count on. There’s a certain unspoken, extra-curricular appreciation for Wu Tang in Canada and I’ve witnessed it since Peter Jackson was bringing member after member to Oshawa years ago. So there’s that…

And as of Peter Jackson’s word around 6pm tonight, Ghostface Killah is now officially on Canadian soil for his cross country tour. It kicks off in Montreal Sunday and touches 17 cities on it’s way west. Sorry East Coast. This is the first time, throughout all the Wu Tang activity that’s come through Toronto of late and in the past that Ghostface has crossed that imaginary line in the sand. He is now in the north for November and don’t think it happened easily. I’m told Chris McKee and his booking agency went to bat to make this tour happen. This, for Wu Tang fans in Canada, is a breakthrough. So there’s that…


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Oh, I forgot to mention that Killah Priest and Capadonna are also on the Ghostface tour. Who knew Wu Tang Clan and Toronto would form such a bond…

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