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Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

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HipHopCanada interviews Sheek Louch in Vancouver [Interview]

Vancouver, B.C. – While on tour with Ghostface Killah, Lox original and former Bad Boy Sheek Louch took a minute to chat with HipHopCanada’s Kasskills about his adventures in Canada, his latest projects with D-Block and what’s missing in the game.

Sheek Louch Kasskills

HipHopCanada: What up Sheek Louch? What can we call you for short?

Sheek Louch: Louch or Donny. They call me Donny.

HipHopCanada: Cool, Donny – how has your time been in Canada?

Sheek Louch: I came here once before with Puff for Caribana. I came out a couple times to do some shows and I came to Canada to film the movie Honey with Jessica Alba in Toronto.

HipHopCanada: Sounds like you’ve spent a lot of time in T-Dot. Favorite Canadian city?

Sheek Louch: I’ma go with Toronto but a lot of the smaller cities and venues we’ve played the energy is like, outta there. It wasn’t 5000 people but you had some 600 people and it was incredible.

HipHopCanada: Any up and coming Canadian artist that you’re stoked on?

Sheek Louch: My man PJ (Peter Jackson) off the top, you know, he’s dope. I met so many people out here and have been doing a lot of features and been dropping my price for features too. Lemme tell you some real shit. Because I really want to get into that market out here I’ve been like “word, that’s what you workin’ with fam, i know you don’t got a record deal yet but I’ma take that and when you get your record deal holla at me.” So I’m showin’ love out here like crazy. I may have done 14 songs with muthafuckers since I’ve been out here.

HipHopCanada: Tell us a bit about your record label D-Block. What’s good with that right now?

Sheek Louch: D-Block is kinda like the Lox re-invented you know, Jada, Styles P. Them is my brothers, all day long. Styles cant wait to get over here. It’s dope. We got a Lox album comin’ which we got a lot of offers for with some big money behind it. Everybody’s asking when’s the next group album comin’ and I wanna say soon but we just tryin’ to get it right since the whole Puff thing and Ruff Ryder thing.

HipHopCanada: What’s up with Wu-Block?

Sheek Louch: Me and Ghost did a tour before this in the US for 3 months and we got like 16 songs done for that. It’s gonna be monsterous. We gonna have everybody on that but it’s like mine and Ghost’s album, we spear-headin’ it. I think the game is missin’ so much of that real shit, that hot hip-hop. I’m not mad when muthafuckers go off and make that other kind of music cause I talk to the women a lot too. I made songs like “Good Love” and “One Name” cause I feel the women, I can get them but we gonna bring that hood element back and you gonna want to break dance out here and shit.

HipHopCanada: Speaking on the ladies, we gotta know, what’s your style: thick girls or thin?

Sheek Louch: Thick girls all day long. I’m a big dude, I need something to grab on to at night and shit, ya dig?

HipHopCanada: Any other projects you’re working on?

Sheek Louch: Yeah, I’m gonna do a new solo album. Currently I’m at Def Jam, I got another offer that’s trying to sign the Lox and my new solo project but I don’t wanna talk too much until it’s 100%.

HipHopCanada: That’s cool, you can keep some secrets.

Sheek Louch: Nah, like Cash Money trying to get at us and a lot of people trying to get us and take other projects on. So we’ll see.

HipHopCanada: Any closing words for our readers?

Sheek Louch: Yeah, Styles P’s album in stores right now Master of Ceremony and Jadakiss, I just left the studio before I came out here and heard a lot of his new music and it’s monstrous. He got something crazy coming at y’all. Big tings gwan seen?

HipHopCanada: Word. Thanks for hangin. Its been a pleasure.

Sheek Louch: Thank you

Interview conducted by KassKills for HipHopCanada
Photography by Amalia Judith for HipHopCanada

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